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Ghost Lights

In Great Britain there are many stories of ghost lights that appear around Christmastime—most remain beloved mysteries.

On a dark night in 1910, a young 23-year old Oxford University student who was traveling home to Ireland for the holidays witnessed something he never forgot.

He and a university buddy were on horseback headed to his home in Limerick when near the village of Listowel they noticed a light about a half-mile ahead.

As they drew closer to this light they realized it was not connected to a house but instead they saw it directly in front of them. As they watched it moved up and down and to and fro. It diminished to a spark and then expanded into a glowing yellow flame.

Before they entered the village they saw this light turn into two lights, which resembled each other. Suddenly these lights then joined into one huge luminous flame that was 6 feet high and 4 feet wide.

In the middle of each of the two flames that had joined there appeared “radiant beings” which took on human forms. These two figures walked side by side.

Each figure had a brilliant white light or aura that surrounded them. Around their heads they each had a halo that was even brighter.

The two young men watched in awe unafraid for they felt the love and peace the two figures exuded.

They continued to watch this phenomenon until a house blocked their view.

It is still a mystery what these two saw on this Yuletide night. Explanations put forward have included: the figures might have been extraterrestrials, or were they the spirits of the dead?

A popular belief is these two men saw angels, which had come to earth to celebrate the joy the Christ child brought to the world