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Fin de Siècle Kipper Oracle Deck Review

Fin de Siècle Kipper Oracle Deck Review

I waited one month just to receive these babies, and I am literally in love with it.
There are some oracles that I instantly connect, and this is one of them. 

Unlike Lenormands  we do not have 
" Snakes" ,  "Dog" "Mice" or "Stork" here
There are no playing card inserts as well. 

In Kipper cards
It is mostly  people, buildings, patterns ( like wallpapers).  
"false person" " old man" "old woman" "young boy" " young girl" "official person" "Main Female" "Wealthy Man" "Courtship" "Sudden Wealth" "Community" "thief" "poverty" "labour"  "family room" 
The images / patterns are not as clear as Lenormands 
SO this oracles are based on Traditional German Kipper Oracles with Victorian Era images / patterns ( so you will find a lot of patterns from British Monarch, Industrial Revolution, aristocracy, personal relationships,  meeting and interacting with the opposite sex (like courting (sort of dating in our terms))
The card Poverty the image visual is reminding me the Napoleonic times, Marie Antoinette saying 'If they have no bread, let them eat cake"

Now let's jump to my reviews 
Unlike the other Ciro Marchetti decks it does not come in a box, but it comes in a satin bag,  Ciro's wife Maria made them herself. 
They do not have gilded edges.
These are animated cards, you need to have a special app downloaded on your phone and tablet. 
I will add the video here, it is not perfect but it will give you a sort of idea how to do it.  
Just have a look at the cards, I find myself  in one of the Charles Dickens books, Oliver Twist, or Great Expectations, you'll understand more once you download the app and scan the cards, it almost like a short 3-D Dickens Movie..   
I ordered this deck individually, most of the readers in the UK ordered with the association and theirs are just started to be posted .
I feel myself lucky :)  these are my early xmas present.
The cards are really beautiful, and I am sure if you are a collector or a professional you are going to love this deck. 

SO what else there is no actual booklet but when you order you will receive a pdf companion book which is much better comparing to an actual book, you can add this to your ipad / tablet or phone so it will be with you wherever you go. 

It is a little bit salty, pricey but I love it so it well worths the price. 

Keep in mind that this not a mass publication.  

As I live in the UK, it took longer for me to receive my deck and I played around yesterday and today, I am sharing my views with you today.

It comes with 3 extra cards,  Poverty ( very Dickens style Chimney Boy - Oliver Twist ) Toil & Labour (factory settings) &  Community 

This is like (when you use it with the app) almost living in the Victorian Era when you use the cards, 

there are some spreads mentioned in the book. 

But it is his hard work and I can not share a screenshot of the original spreads but in the future when I am comparing the traditional German Kippers and this I can create one of the spreads. 

I have even read for a friend, she broke up with her bf and she still loves him.
The cards that I got False Person, Poverty, Wealthy Man, Love and one more but I am being absent minded today sorry I can not remember.  

US Games have already licensed the deck, and will probably release their versions late 2016.
So you need to be a little patient for this. 
Fin de Siècle means the end of an era.. 
so hope you enjoyed my review. 
Here are some cards from the deck

This reminds me the Ship Card from the Gilded Lenormands