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Pixie's Astounding Lenormand Reviews

Images from WS Tarot Decks are used on Pixie Lenormands.
This deck is totally different from the other Lenormands, and you'll find it familiar if you have RWS decks.
It has got 38 cards,  2 extra cards ( Wo/Men)
If you are reading for the same sex or just incase you lost the other 2 :)
It comes in a tin box, which is a little smaller comparing to Gilded Reverie Lenormand or Under the Roses. 
Here are few comparisons with RWS and Pixie Lenormands
6 of Swords & The Coffin 
6 0f SwordsThe Coffin

here swords turned into candles 

You can see a lady lying in her coffin and surrounded by 6 candles 

So here is 9 of Cups and The Mice

9 of Cups

cups are taken

4 of Cups and The Tree 

4 of cups The Tree

Obvious that the tree is taken

10 of Cups and The Stork

The rainbow is taken from 10 of cups and inserted into The Stork 

10 of Cups and The Clover 

10 of CupsThe Clover

rainbow is taken 

The Deck is created by Edmund Zebrowski

so here are larger versions for you.  Both Pixie and Gilded Lenormands are two of my favourite Lenormand decks

*RWS Images are from google Pixie is my scanned copy.