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Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review

Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards

Say Welcome to Doreen Virtue's brand new Oracle deck.   I have pre ordered this from last year so I am not sure when it is actually released. I have received the deck just recently. 

Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review
I love Doreen Virtue Decks for positive motivation..  
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards comes in a box like her other cards.   
There are totally 44 Cards in the box, they are published by Hay House.. 
Archangel Gariel Oracle Cards
It has got gold foil corners and I love those type of decks. 
Archangel Gabriel
  is an amazing Angel to work with..
I love the positive energy these decks are giving, it tells us to have hope, or reach what we want we need to change our attitudes or something 
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review
Her cards are all about positive thinking, and helps you to feel happier, less stressful. 
You can never go wrong with these and it is child friendly no sensitive images, all are angels, in a beautiful environment.  
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review  
It also comes with a 59 page small booklet, instruction booklet looks like thinner than the other ones. 
When it comes to the cards, as I said it has got gold foil borders
Headings are Green, and fonts are green, she used Gold and Green as a theme in this deck. It is one of the most beautiful oracle decks she has ever created, but I am hiding the most amazing one for last, in a couple of days I will be reviewing that deck as well.   
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review
I loved this deck, you can either pull one card each day- do 3-4 card spread, even pull one and combine it with your readings. 

Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards Review
 Archangel Gabriel- Clear Your Vibes
The back of the deck we have an image of Archangel Gabriel
I love this deck and I recommend this everyone for daily motivation. 
You can buy this over amazon for £13.99 

Clear Your Vibes
You are being guided to clear your life of any harsh, negative or challenging energy. It’s time to make way for positive energy in your life, and the only way you can do this is by clearing your aura, body and energy. Surround yourself with positive people and uplifting environments.

The Angels are encouraging you to call on them to help you clear your life of anything that’s getting between you and inner peace. Clear any clutter from your home, office, car and anywhere else you spend time. When you clear clutter in your life, you clear psychic clutter from your energy. And when you clear your energy, you open yourself up to more abundant and spiritual experiences.