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She Sees Dead People

I have seen those who have passed, but usually cannot hear them. And it's not all the time. It's really strange and creepy. 

I never met my husband's cousin but attended the funeral with him for support. I saw his dead cousin standing by his casket watching his brother make a tear-filled speech. I just kind of stared at him a bit freaked, he was shaking his head looking rather sad. 

Then he noticed me and he just scrunched his face like he was trying really hard to look at something. When my husband touched me to hold my hand, I looked away; when I looked back, he was gone. 

I also used to see our dead dog clear as day walk down the hallway, and a few others in my family family. Also we have Dotty, who is a little girl that stays in my sons' room and cries when they are gone. I cannot see her but hear her, my son has claimed to see her numerous times. And my husband has as well.