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How to Avoid Getting Entities

How to Avoid Getting Entities
Once you are free of entities you probably wish not to have them again. Short anecdote in this place: I once took part in medicine ceremonies which were to last for three days. On the first day the shaman removed a major demon from one of the participants. She left the next morning and didn't attend the remaining two ceremonies. Later she e-mailed me, and complained that the shaman had removed her "nice demon", and that she was now feeling lonely without it!

It is strange what people get attached to at times! Hopefully you will not be like her! From what I have written above, it should be quite clear now how to avoid getting (new) entities. Just don't do the things which predispose you to them! This means, never drink or take drugs. Have only sacred sex or none at all. Avoid negative people, the insane and drug users. Don’t go to places of negativity and if you must, be sure you are shielded and in possession of yourself.

Be selective whom you let in your house. People bring their vibrations and thought-forms with them and those often linger long after the visitor has gone. Therefore cleanse the house and yourself if you have had contact with negative people or after any argument. Another less well-known method to keep your house clear is to take your shoes off right at the door! For the simple reason that many entities attach themselves to the feet, and as you don't usually walk barefoot outside that means to your shoes! Now it makes perfect sense, why in the East people frequently take their shoes off and wash their feet when entering temples or sacred places, as well as in their homes. We Westerners have a lot to learn from the East when it comes to psychic hygiene and psychic self-defence! You can make a magickal spirit trap and keep that under your doormat. It will prevent random entities from entering your home attached to the feet. (It will unfortunately not prevent entities which are deeply embedded in other people or yourself from entering your home!) Always take your shoes off at the door and never allow visitors to trample through your house and your sacred space with outdoor shoes.

If you are a healer you must do banishing rituals before and after each client and smudge your tools, yourself and the place regularly. If you have been to one of the above-mentioned places of negativity, or if you think you have picked something up in a crowd or from negative people, cleanse yourself as soon as you come home. First, take your clothes off and put them in the laundry. Then take a full shower including over your head and focus on negativity being washed away. Do appropriate visualisation whilst taking the shower. Better still, take an exorcism bath. You can order an effective exorcism bath from my Magick Shop on the Bath Salts Page.

Also, to be safe avoid handshakes and hugs with those you don't feel good about. I have always thought that handshakes and hugs are very unhygienic practices. Besides, as you can read on the Vampire Page, handshakes can be used to hex you or to dominate your will. No need to be paranoid about it, but choose whom you allow physical contact. I hug those I love and feel close to, but I don't let myself be compelled by social customs to have close contact with people whom I don't like, who are either physically or psychically unclean, or who just have a bad vibe! I do Namaste (placing the palms together) to greet people and show my respect. Remember, it is your decision, freedom of choice! Don't be embarrassed to say no to something that you don't want to do. And lastly, listen to your intuition – but never to fear manipulation by your entities! You must learn to distinguish between the two! But before you can do that you will have to embrace your shadow and mature your ego or those will cloud your inner sight and your reason! Your intuition should tell you when a person or a place has a bad vibration. If you have the sight you may even see the entities in a person's aura! If so, best stay away! You must learn to distinguish between your entities’ fear of a true healer and your own intuition telling you somebody is not genuine and wishes to harm you.

The best spiritual protection against entities is to have discipline, a clean life-style and integrity! That means you have to integrate your shadow, and mature your ego. Once you have done so entities will have much less control over you -- should they get in. Self-pity, denial and a loser mentality attract entities. Therefore learn how to Become a Winner and give the entities no chance!

I have been told by a powerful shaman that iron discipline is the best protection against entities! Also, try to develop discrimination so you can distinguish between thoughts that are your own and entity-induced thoughts. And lastly, develop courage, willpower and some backbone -- all this will help you to avoid entity manipulation, besides, these qualities are a must for a shaman anyway! Admittedly, entities and demons can do a lot of damage, but they are not more powerful than you, not if you work on yourself and develop yourself spiritually! If you want to beat entities follow these guidelines:

Work on raising your awareness to the point where you are able to examine all your thoughts and actions and are able to distinguish between what is self and non-self, i.e. entities. Entities put thoughts in your head. You must learn to be very discerning and very observant at all times! Not an easy task, but doable!

Develop true spirituality as opposed to religious dogma. Spirituality is really your direct connection to God/Goddess/All-That-Is aka Great Spirit, which goes beyond organised religion and dogma and avoids the detour of intermediaries such as a priests. True spirituality also means integrating all aspects of your personality, embracing your shadow, maturing your ego, releasing social and religious conditioning and taking responsibility for yourself and your life! Again, not an easy task, but doable.

Empower yourself through reclaiming all lost power and lost soul pieces, through soul retrieval, shamanic work and other spiritual practices. In the beginning you may need the help of an experienced shaman for helping you with soul retrieval etc. or teaching you methods of self-empowerment. In the later stages of your spiritual journey you will be able to plod on on your own. Life is a journey of becoming whole, and the ultimate goal of it is to return to Oneness, to pure consciousness and your natural blissful state of being. Then nothing will hurt or upset you any more. However, getting there is not that easy and takes time. But even the longest journey begins with a single step, so why not set your foot on the path of empowerment today?

For no entity or demon will have any power whatsoever over you when you have become a higher developed, fully conscious and aware, fully empowered human being, aligned with the power of God/Goddess/All-That-Is! So fear nothing, but remember who you are. Remember your power! It is great indeed and it is already within! Grasp it and use it for the good of all!