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112 Ocean Avenue


This house will be no stranger to people who love horror movies. It is the house on which the film The Amityville Horror is based. The house is a six-bedroom Dutch Colonial style house built in 1924. The best known feature of the house was, at one time, its pair of quarter circle shaped windows on the third floor attic level, which gave it an eerie, eye-like appearance.


These windows have since been removed and the house renumbered to keep tourists away. On November 13, 1974, 23-year old Ronald DeFeo, Jr. fatally shot six members of his family at the house. During his murder trial in 1975, he claimed that voices in his head had urged him to carry out the killings. He was found guilty and is still in jail in New York. In December 1975, George Lutz and his wife, Kathy, purchased the house and moved in with their three children. After 28 days they left the house, claiming to have been tormented by paranormal phenomena while living there. The family experienced foul smells, faces at the windows, screams, moving objects, and all manner of bizarre phenomena


112 Ocean Avenue is the name for a house in New York,located at: 108 Ocean Avenue Amityville, New York 11702 it is called "112 Ocean Avenue" but its real address is 108 Ocean Avenue. That is because its address used to be 112 Ocean Avenue, but its address was changed to protect the current owner's privacy. In which one of the most famous and well documented hauntings in history occurred. It is haunted by six people, and a regular haunted house has two ghosts! Its address was changed from 112 Ocean Avenue to 108 Ocean Avenue to protect the owner's privacy. It is more commonly known as the "Amityville Haunted Horror House"


112 Ocean Avenue is a large dutch colonial house built in 1925 and was not the site of paranormal activity until an event on November 13th, 1974. The house at the time was occupied by the DeFeo family on that night the eldest son Ronald DeFeo Jr. brutally killed his parents Ronald DeFeo Sr.,43 and Louise DeFeo, 42 and four siblings John-Mathew DeFeo 9, Marc DeFeo 12, Allison DeFeo 13, and Dawn DeFeo 18. Ronald (Who was 23 at the time and remains in a institute to this day) said that he 'couldn't stop' killing his family.


He denied killing them, blaming it on a gangster, but later admitted he had. He had even had time to shower and get rid of his blood stained clothes before going to work. He was the one who called the police after he arrived at a bar shouting about how his family had been killed! Some say he believed that he had been possessed by a demon. While the case may seem simple, the killings of a mad man, there are some unusual factors. There is a ghost named Josh Fredt, he talk about a young girl named Vivian she's Portuguese and she is very young she is 13 years old she is born on 10 October 1998 the family lutz talk about she is live in Setubal, Portugal. We never proof this story because she didn't burn today, we are in 1988 said - Daniel. but when she supposed born the investigator Lorraine Warren search and don't have register about a girl named Vivian from Setubal, who saw ghosts.


That ghost who talk with Daniel Lutz talk about this young girl and he told him that she have ghost sensibility we never proof this of this story, because we never found that girl, that version talks about that girl and Daniel lutz afirmed that the supposed 'ghost' who told to Daniel that. Things about Vivian that mysterious girl who when she growing up she went to Amityville and descend the mystery when she do 16 years old. Now resumed the story, she did have now 13 years old, and we have to wait to 2014 when she complete 16 years old, to know if that story is true or not, because Daniel told too that Vivian knows the true about the Amityville. That it is Publicate on 2nd March 2011.


For instance, all the family were found face down on the their beds with gun shot wounds to the back. It is hard to believe that no one woke on hearing the gunshots, they were not drugged. The way that the bodies lay, Police said, gave the impression they were being held down, not from above but from below. Which is impossible, right? Not only this, but neighbors didn't hear anything either. This could be explained by the fact it was a stormy night, but police said that the gunshots would have been heard over the storm. Which they weren't.

No one can be sure exactly how Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his family as he changes the story so often that those monitoring him have said to take whatever he says now with a pinch of salt. The facts still remained that he killed his family and there were some unusual factors involved (to see the interviews with the real police men, psychic and coroner that were called in on the case, The house remained vacant for 12 months after the murders before it was bought by Lutz family.