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Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Oracle Cards Review

This deck Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Oracle Cards is quite similar to the other Doreen Virtue.
This is a good deck for getting answers for the question " What's my purpose in this life?" good for career and job related questions, the path that they want to take on a spiritual level. 
It is not a deck like Angel Answers or Romance Angels that you can use for yourself every single day. 
Basically this deck is for who are looking for guidance in their life
It comes with a small booklet, which you can look up the interpretations, or get more information on the other Doreen Virtue Decks, as well as 3 spread example. It is up to you to try new spreads, just because it is not mentioned in the book it does not mean that you only have to do 3 card spread.
Just a quick reminder there is reversed on Doreen Virtue Decks. 
All cards come with small phrases written on the cards. 
Let's Cut it short and jump into previewing some cards. 
Oracle Cards 
Spiritual Teacher

What I like & dislike about this deck
  • It responds to messages pretty much well. 
  • I found them to be accurate and helpful
  • I did not really like some the images on the decks more like I did not find them visually attractive 
  • Eg: Protected, Music ( the image is more matching for Art with the blue hat on)
  • Family ( what's that image like someone who is not older than 8-9 years old drawn it)
  • Talk to your angels ( hello that angel in that card looks evil to me)
  • Travel(looks more like a middle aged husband doing nasty stuff online, hope you understand what I am trying to say)

If you want to buy Doreen Virtue Life Purpose Oracle Cards you can buy this deck from Book Depository for £13.99