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What's really happening in between Amber Heard & Johnny Depp?

After reading that JD and AH is getting a divorce and the domestic violence news I decided to open a spread and ask the cards, for this question I wanted to play the detective and used The Sherlock Holmes Tarot 

Here we have 4 of Deduction 4 of Pentacles 
9 of Deduction  (R)
Nine of Analysis (Nine of Cups )
The Hound of Baskervilles (The Moon)
Here we see that their relation is based on finances at least on AH's side, To get saving herself for a better opportunity, collecting and preserving resources 
(making more movies, more TV advertisements,  being on magazines more etc )
I can see there is no love, it is more liked one of the other is forcing themselves to be in that relationship, there is no happiness. 
This is all about money matters and being greedy, accumulating goods, wealth and possibly even power.Financial situation has been growing  but this is not by chance or even pure luck.she has been working extremely hard and have several long-term ambitious goals that is determined to reach. 
Nine of Pentacles stands for wealth and financial security.

Basically AH is collecting the fruits she has harvested 

She has planted her goals slowly but secretly, now she is harvesting 

During the relationship better jobs come out their  way, better opportunities or shall we say on AH way if we check IMDB she has done a lot during the relationship / marriage and still on going (she has done 4 movies in 2015, There is one completed for this year and 3 more coming until 2018. 
If we look at JD (do we have to we know that he's always busy with filming and he does not need any publicity)
She wants to have strong finances in quick ways without spending any effort, may be expecting rewards very quick.. 
This is the time that AH is going to get more opportunities, more business proposals 
It is possible that she has another love affair in her life?
Finally the moon is telling us about the illusions, also it is about the lies, AH might be in depression. Although it looks like she does not even have time to get bored let alone to get depressed. 
She knows  the secret to success. Wishing and hoping for success is good but it isn’t going to get her all she wants. 
4 of pentacles also show us that she is far too from being worried about the safety and security of her job.
 AH might be in depression. Although it looks like she does not even have time to get bored let alone to get depressed. 
Hard work, diligence, and knowing when to act are all part of good business practices. She is now in a place where she can make things happen,  financially she is a situation to make her savings stronger than ever. 
Pentacles are all about money & finances. 
The Nine of Cups tells us about good health and a strong finances success, achievement and satisfaction, Material gain and security are is also hinted. 
This shows us a bright future, she get more proposals 
She will have more financial stability..    It also shows us she has nothing to worry about her materials, as she will have financial stability more than ever.
She wished for success and good financial stability, she will get it.

We have got 2 nines in this reading, which means relocation, change of address. 
JD is a gemini and Gemini men can be violent, but looking at his past there is nothing tells us that AH's story might be true. 
Both Vanessa Paradis and  Lori Anne Allison who was married with JD said he was not violet and he had a soft heart.
So all of sudden he decided to be violent to one woman that woman is AH? this does not make sense.