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3 of Swords (R) The Hermetic Tarot

Card of The Day: 3 of Swords (R)

                  3 of Swords It is all about being in pain and not having a relief and waiting for the day that the pain is going to stop,  
You might have a lot of pain, grief, and worries, that you have been carrying with you all along, to be able overcome and beat the pain and grief first of almost you need to know what is causing you the pain, what happened that you have got this much worries, pain and grief, when you spotted that, you are ready to make one step forward to overcome this situation    
This period is your healing time, on love and on the other stuff causing you problems, everything starts with us, if it is about forgiving someone, that you are having problems to forgive, I know it is difficult to forgive, it is not as easy as to speak, but when you let it go, you'll heal one of your wounds    


Bad news is you are not going to heal with a blink of an eye, it will take some time,              

During this stage, we say I have got a pride, and it is wounded and I have been hurt, but when you actually leave that pride into a corner, everything will be easier, yes we need to have a pride, but that is also creating an ego.

3 of S (R) tell us that you need to experience this to be able to have a better future
You might have worries about money, worrying about money too much not going to get you anywhere, just keep your money safe for now
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