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Queen of Pentacles - Happy Tarot

Card of The Day: Queen of Pentacles
Today's card another Royal Card from the Royal Suite of Tarots. 
I am sure this deck will make all of you hungry :D 
QS is a communicator, so most possibly you ares spending most of the day either on the phone or in front of the computer all day along. Maybe you work in communication sector. 

QP is a ruthless person, who is very demanding, who bitches behind your back and smiles to your face
QP is a person who likes the give orders, a ruler. 
Someone who is quite similar to a Leo quire a like to QS 
QP is all about Negative Persons
Also it tells is us to control our finances not to throw out money so much
QP loves animals, she is kind but can be cruel 
QP tells us that we need to learn to love ourselves
QP tells us that you might be dependent on your family about finances until you get your financial independence, until you sort out a way to make some money yourself
QP tells us that do not let anyone else to put their nose into how you are going live your own life, even if this is your mother!!!
Basically do not let others dominate you, you dominate yourself, your home, your life.  
Live the way you want to live without getting too extreme. 
Happy Tarot is Created by Serena Ficca
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