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Flower Therapy Oracle Cards -SELF EMPLOYMENT

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, Self Employment-Support-Get Some Rest
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Self Employment 
Get Some Rest 

Self Employment 

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, Self Employment

You are guided to work for yourself, in a field that brings you fulfillment and joy. Your card encourages you to launch—or grow—your own business. You could start part-time and then ease out of a day job as your endeavor begins to support you. If you are currently self-employed, you are being guided to seek out new ways to express your vision.

Being your own boss usually means that you put in longer hours; however, the hours feel more like devotion to a calling than work. You may partner with someone who brings extra skills to the table, or consult with a mentor who can teach you business skills. Follow the path of your true interests, and focus on a purpose of serving others. The rest will take care of itself.

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards Support

You received this card because you’ve been accustomed to doing everything yourself, and now it’s time to request and receive help. This is a valuable life lesson that will allow you to grow in every area, so think of it as an investment.

This card indicates that it’s time for self-honesty, in which you admit to yourself that there’s one or more areas where you’d benefit from getting assistance. This is not the same as telling yourself that you’ve done something wrong, though. It’s just that many parts of life require a team approach, with people pooling their strengths to help each other.

Get Some Rest

Flower Therapy Oracle Cards Get Some Rest

Get Some Rest

This card comes to you because your energy and mood haven’t been as high as you’d like. You’ve been pushing yourself to keep going even when you’re tired. Now it’s time to balance your busy times with some relaxation. This is the natural cycle of all living beings, so there’s no need to feel guilty because you’ll now get some much-needed rest.

During your naps and nocturnal cycle, do pay attention to insights that come to you. After all, when you are asleep, so is your ego . . . making it much easier for Divine messages to reach you. Pay attention to your body’s signals, which may call for changes in your diet, lifestyle, and exercise program if you still feel tired and drained after resting. Sometimes seeing a licensed health-care or mental-health professional is the best path to recovering your energy and your enthusiasm for life.
Deck I have used for today's post 
Doreen Virtue Flower Therapy Oracle Cards 
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