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The Sacred Sites Oracle - Happy Tarot

Today because it's the Easter weekend I decided to use a tarot deck that has more positive images comparing to traditional decks

What we have here is 


10 P IN 1rd Position

THE HANGED MAN R 2nd position

MAGICIAN IN 3rd position 


It's a good a card, it means your finances are gonna get better, maybe you'll receive some money, maybe you'll sell your product, maybe you'll inherit some money, or even win some money, if you have not tried playing the lottery, try it :) 

It's a good omen for finances. 

Not only good finances coming to your way, some happy moments are also waiting you. 

You are at the best place atm, maybe your relationship not going well, maybe you have problems in your marriage, and your are going through difficult times. Unfortunately we all have to go through those times until we nail it. ! 

What you are doing atm is the right thing under your circumstances today. 

But to be able success, to get to a better place you need to have faith.   

In love this card is a sign that your other half might be the perfect guy but he also may have something lacking.  


The Hanged Man R position tells us that you have lost your faith, 

It tells us there's no middle, It's either yes or no, in or out.  

You feel like you are stucked into somewhere, prisoned to your own space, home not being able to move on 

You need to learn to let it go. I know it's not easy and it takes time, but it's needed for you to move on. 

You can't control your fate, you can't control people, what they think, how they behave. 

Interestingly R Hanged Man looks brighter, he looks like he's standing on a tree branch and sun is shining on top of it. 

Your dreams will come true, if you believe in it. 

You can't get anywhere without suffering. 



You need to start to meditate to connect with your spirit guides & guardians 

A bright future is waiting you.  There will be a new beginings for you but please avoid risky decisions. 

Have faith on yourself and believe that you'll succeed, things are gonna go well. 

Something will allow you to make more money 

In yes or no question Magician is a yes. 

When it comes to love, it is up to you, you can only control it. Not someone else..  

But the other cards have told us to let it go.     


Energy Focus : Respect 
Location : North Island NZ 

Lower World 

For MDoris the lizard-like taniwha is the guardian of all that is tapu (sacred). Violations of the land and her laws were punished, but humans who showed respect were cared for by the taniwha, who warned them through the shaman of approaching enemies or natural disasters, people made offerings; often a young twig given with  an incantation.

When you look at the taniwha on this card, do you feel safe or vulnerable? The latter indicates a lack of respect for yourself, your body or those who cared for you in the past. 

Perhaps: you have suffered substantial abuse, or belittled others or been 
wasteful of resources, Now is their time to change. lf, however, you  feel protected by the taniwha, it is a sign of detaching from past hurts,  Know that it is safe to acknowledge them and move on; taniwha gives you the strength 


Tongariro National Park contains  three active volcanoes: Tongariro, 
Ruapehu and NgAuruhoe (the last  one illustrated here), Legend tells of 
tohunga (shaman)

NgAtoro-i-rangi, who tooked southward from Lake TaupD, and decided to climb the mountains. He ascended the first mountain with his slave NgAuruhoe, but they were overcome by a blizzard.

NgDtoro-i-rangi called  for his sisters to send sacred fire through a subterranean passage to
the top of Tongariro. The fire arrived, saving the shaman from freezing to death, but not NgDuruhoe 

Look now to the card's central symbol. lt represents the manaia,the passenger between mortals 
and the spirits, if you feel drawn  to this symbol, there is something  you want to be protected from. 

Perhaps you wish to elicit the help  of the taniwha in a situation that has arisen it's because of Someone's lack of  understanding, care or respect?

Upper World  - Potential 

There was once an old tohunEa for whom many showed little respect, especially the young, who mocked  him. 

The tohunga was largely  ignored when he interrupted a school ceremony one day with predictions of impending disaster,  revealed to him in the form of a great rampaging taniwha, 

The boy  Turi, however, who had been taught  to respect his elders, stood up for the tohunga. So the villagers agreed to at least visit him and take him some food They found him high on the mountainside just as the earth  shook and the great wave came, destroying all they had left behind, but they had been saved. villagers rebuilt what had been lost, including the faith of the tohunga rn the young, who now respected the  land and her, laws

The two faces  of this card depict past and future


Find a place outside that where is special  to you. Facing south, stand barefoot 

on earth, sand, grass or in water  and with an open heart proclaim,  'Welcome, Mother; bring me your 

flesh, muscle and sinew of rock, dirt, mud, sand and all that is solid, so  rnay stand in my truth upon

our  skin, Welcome, Mother; bring me  your bones of fossilized frees, yeins 

of granite, gold and all precious  metals, so that may grow healthy and  strong from the centre of your
being, Welcome, Mother; bring me your blood of molten lava, water 

boiling mud, nourishing my body so / may journey freely about out being. Welcome, Mother; bring me  your breath of sulphur, alr and mist, 

seeping through your hardened skin, regenerating life for me and my descendants. This life you offer 

through your offspring the plants, seas rivers and creatures that clothe yolk, so rnay I honour and respect all that you provide for my earthbound spirit that only you sustain.'


When I pulled a card for myself before I draw a card for the blog, interestingly I pulled Mecca the most powerful card in the deck.

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