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Knight of Cups Herbal Tarot

Knight of Cups Herbal Tarot
Knight of Cups Herbal Tarot

Returning to the true heart's home after a long journey. 

It's all about acceptance, recognised, wanted and welcome. 

no longer want to fight to be recognised, welcomed, loved, honoured, and fight to be accepted. 

wanting to be yourself, not to put on act. 

Don't be desperate for love, go out and take action. 

The Knight of Cups represents the arrival of a new love interest, an invitation, or proposal of marriage. 

The Knight holds a golden cup (treasure of true love) connected to fire (passions), water (emotions) and the Moon (the feminine). 

The Knight is focused on the cup, his guiding north star, pointing him in the direction of unconditional love and the woman he longs to meet

You may hear gossip that was created by an open enemy, in cooperation with another enemy of yours in order to destroy your reputation!!

Uses of Sarsaparilla 

In herbal medicine practices, sarsaparilla plant roots are ground up and used to make natural remedies (tinctures, teas, supplements, etc.) that help treat some of the following health problems:

Cancer and tumor growth

Coughs and colds

Rheumatoid arthritis pains, joint pain or rheumatism

Skin problems, including psoriasis, toe fungus, wounds, ulcers and ringworm


Muscle pains or weakness

Low libido and sexual impotence




Liver damage

Infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhea

Bloating/fluid retention

Overheating and fevers

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