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Angel Tarot - 7 of Air

 Angel Tarot - 7 of Air 

 When you pull The Seven of Air / The Seven of Swords it tells you, you need to examine everyone's motive, I mean everyone (whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with)

If you have done something wrong and if you know that you have done something wrong, and if you are looking for ways to get way with it, you need to examine your actions and the people you might hurt by those actions.  

It is or it might be a sign of false friends / wrong people in your life., and their betrayal to you.   
Be honest and stay away from Drama Queen's & other people's dramas.  Don't get sucked into their game. 

They are responsible for their actions, you be honest and move on to your life. 

 Angel Tarot - 7 of Air 
Most possibly you are tempted to go way, somewhere nice, peace and quiet, it's because instead of trying to deal with you are running away from it.   

Don't neglect or ignore it, try to solve the issue, don't hope that it'll resolve itself in time. 

Leaving and hoping it to resolve itself will not resolve anything, instead it'll grow and it'll go worse. 

You question whether it's gonna solve the problem if you just run away / hide / escape from this.
While thinking that you resolved it by by escaping and finally you got away with it, but at the end you'll find yourself being stuck / trapped / cornered with it. 

You may want to discover new things, new lands, new countries and you want to do it solo. 
Seven of Swords is encouraging you to do that...  

It'll be good to show your independence..      

But also 7 of Swords / Air is warning about a betrayal / deception, it may be you have deceived people  or someone or done something. 

Now it's danger time as that secret is coming out. 

Review the timeline of your actions, consider it as a precaution towards people with hidden agenda 

You might chose to prefer to work or live alone. 

Embarrassing secrets will be coming out, on the other hand you are avoiding your  responsibilities,

Things might not be going as you hoped but it's time to consider every single option, think of this way this is a multiple choice exam, you might still pass it / won the game but you won't be happy about how you won. 

Face the issues & take responsibilities, 

Avoid being careless. 

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