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Individuality-11- Numerology Guidance

Individuality-11- Numerology Guidance
Individuality-11- Numerology Guidance

You need to embrace your individuality, be true and authentic self. 

Don't blindly follow the crowd.

You are an individual, you can give your own decisions, you can judge your own self .

Be an individualistic person.  

Don't do what other do.. 

11 is a master number and bring higher spiritual insight.  
You might be having paranormal experiences as you are quite sensitive these days. 

Number 11 is a sign of power. 

This number is the root of all other master numbers.

In numerology when you see the double digit numbers that repeats the same number are considered as master numbers. 

If you calculate your life path number and get an 11, 22, or 33 before digiting down to 2, 4, or 6, then you have a Master Number for your Life Path.

Individuality-11- Numerology Guidance
Individuality-11- Numerology Guidance

If you don't know your Life Path, number, you can use the below example to calculate it.

Start with your full birth date



1+9+9+0= 1+9=1=0=1

Your life number is 1

If your life number is 11, you are a natural healer. 

If you are working with a master number or when when working with a Master Number as your Life Path, .you can feel the attune.  

Most of the time, it may feel like pull & push...  

Constant distraction,...  Unable to concentrate...  

Either you are a person with high expectation, or you are the child of parents who have high expectations from you as their child.  We can add up partners to this list.

While it's not wrong to have high expectation, but it can also push someone to depressive / suicidal mode when they can't get / reach what they were expecting / hoped for.  
When You’re In Sequence You Are : 

  • Sensitve
  • Intuitive
  • Patient 
  • Cooperative 
  • Very Detailed Orientated 
  • Diplomatic 
  • Artistic 

    When You’re Out of  Sequence You Are 
    • Manipulative
    • Resentful
    • Narrow Minded
    • Dependent 
    • Overly Sensitive
    • Open for addictions 
    You can heal yourself and others.?

    All you need to do is focus. 

    Don't forget if you are strong, you'll come out with less wounds and be stronger, and you can help others through out their journey,

    Remember life is not easy. 

    The more people you helped, it'll return back to you as a good karma.

    But you need to learn to trust. 

    You'll go through various experiences on your healing journey. 

    If you are on Master Number 11 Path you might even clash within yourself. 

    Life is a Marathon so does working with Master Number 11 is the same.   

    You need to be flexible and willing to take risks. 

    Master Number 11 is associated with Faith (You can work with Archangel Faith)

    While working with Master number 11, you might / can be
    • Anxious
    • Stressed
    • Conflict 
    Master number 11 the number of enlightenment and inspiration 

    Your mission is to help people. Your missions is help and make others receive the light. 

    Most people with Number Master 11 have dreams which are far off from coming true. 

    These people needs to learn to be patient and needs to learn not every single dream of theirs can come true..

    People with Master Number 11 are friendly, very sensitive  and generally happy

    Number 11 can be seen as two arrows pointing out upwards. 

    Filled with Ambitions to achieve

    Master No : 11 people are considered as workaholics no time for relaxing, they don't have time for themselves  

    But they are also able to deal with things, easier more patiently comparing to others

    People with Master No 11 are freedom fighters, they seek freedom & love. 

    They do things to please others and make others to accept them.

    They can switch off their brain.   

    They love animals & Modern Technology

    Master No 11 people aren't driven by sex. 

    People Master No: 11 are great business people, they might be working in Banks, finance, stock exchange.  

    They are also eccentric 

    They are multi tasking people .

    If you step into their no no zone, they might become aggressive. 

    Master no: 11's are spiritual teacher, healer or leader ever seeking those elusive truths. 

    Master No: 11 people are spiritualists, they might be tarot readers, or interested in spirituality.

    In Short Words they are creative people

    Healing Crystals

    • Cinnabar
    • Honey 
    • Calcite 
    • Tiger’s Eye
    • Astrological: Uranus
    • Zodiac:Libra
    • Master Number 11 in the Tarot:

     Associated in Tarot with: Justice

    Justice - The Hermetic Tarot

    Justice - The Hermetic Tarot

    People working with the metaphysical Number 11 have a strong drive for equity. 

    The Greatest Example for Master No: 11 is
    Armistice Day
    11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

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