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Ace of Pentacles - Celtic Dragon Tarot

Celtic Dragon Tarot - Ace-of-Pentacles
Celtic Dragon Tarot - Ace-of-Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles represents beginning of prosperity and it's about opportunities to start a new project.

It's about investing resources in a project.

It's a time that finally you can say "At last success begins to show;"

If you have good foundations it'll bring the best results.

You might receive an important document or letter soon, this might be a legal document.

Ace of Pentacles is also warning you about greediness and asking you not to be greedy

Ace of Pentacles also telling you that you are overly possessive regarding to money and belongings.

You might have made a wrong choice, you need to listen to your inner voice.

Don't be overly confident, things may not work out the way you expect.

Pentacles people are practical and know money is important.

Pentacles people generally don't want to share their money with others.

Ace of Pentacles tells us that you have practical approach to your health.

Ace of Pentacles - Celtic Dragon Tarot
Ace of Pentacles - Celtic Dragon Tarot 

It's time to try new thing regarding to your spirituality, read some books, practice, talk about it with the people who are also spiritual, share experiences, exchange ideas, etc  

Pentacles corresponds with Earth.
So for Pentacles people earthy /  sensual /  material things are important 

Astrologically Ace of Pentacles

Mercury / Libra / Venus
Pentacles people are Individualistic 

They are interested in money matters.

Ace of Pentacles is also about new beginnings, a new cycle, a fresh start.

Ace of Pentacles assures that what ever is coming to your path, it will bring great opportunity.

Ace of Pentacles asks you to see things like a seed, water your seed, it'll turn into plant. 

Invest your time, invest your money for your own nurture, security & stability.

It'll come back to you as a reward.

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Celtic Dragon Tarot 

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