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The mysterious man from Taured

The mysterious man from Taured

The Man From Taured is an unsolved mystery about a passenger who arrives at an airport with a passport from a country that doesn’t exist.

In July 1954, a mysterious man got off a plane at Haneda airport in Tokyo, Japan. He was white, had a beard and was neatly-dressed. As he walked through customs, he casually handed his passport to the officials.

That’s when things got strange.

His passport said he was from a country called Taured. There was only one problem. It didn’t exist. There was no such country as Taured.

The customs officials were suspicious, so they asked him where Taured was. He said it was a small country in Europe, located between France and Spain. When they asked him to point it out on a map, he placed his finger on the Principality of Andorra.

When the officials told him that Taured didn’t exist, the man became angry and confused. He said he had never heard of Andorra and couldn’t understand why Taured wasn’t on their map. He claimed his country had existed for more than 1000 years.

The mysterious man spoke French, Japanese and several other languages. His wallet contained money from various European countries. He said he had come to Japan on a business trip and his passport had visa stamps from previous trips to other countries.

The baffled customs officials took him to a nearby a nearby hotel and let him stay there for the night. They posted two guards outside his room while they tried to figure out what was going on.

When they called the company he said he was there to do business with, they had never heard of him. The hotel where he said he had reserved a room had no idea who he was and the bank listed on his checkbook did not exist.

The next morning, when customs officials checked the hotel room, they were shocked to discover that the mysterious man had vanished. They established that he could not have escaped by jumping out the window because the room was several floors up and there was no balcony.

Police and airport officials searched the country for the mysterious man but he was never seen again. To this day, the mystery remains unsolved.

Who was the mysterious man from Taured? Was he a time-traveler? Was he from another dimension? An alternate reality? Not sure but very interesting

There's even a book about this The man from Taured

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