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The Dongdong Baby Girl

The Dongdong Baby Girl
The Dongdong Baby Girl

Lu Xiayun was a pregnant woman from the Chinese province of Dongdong. She was living in an agricultural area and had no access to modern medical care.. She was thought to be 4 months pregnant, when she went into labor, Everyone was expecting a stillborn baby. When she gave birth, the child was unresponsive, everyone assumed it was dead.

However, Xiayun’s husband realized that his wife needed medical care and called for an ambulance. As she was rushed to the nearest hospital,  but when the ambulance arrived Ms.  Xiayun told the medical staff that there's no need to check the baby as the baby is dead.

By the time Xiayun's mother buried the baby under a tree, but the doctors questioned and asked the baby to be checked properly

That’s when Xiayun’s husband rushed back, found out that his mother in law already buried the baby, so he  dug up the baby, and found it still had vital signs.

After three days in the hospital, the family left because they did not have enough money to pay the bills. But once the story made international headlines, donations poured in to help the little girl, and she was able to return to the hospital where she received the necessary medical treatment.

image source: pinterest reborn doll
Story : apparently this story was featured in Chinese newspapers. (to me it is more like a myth, how could someone burry a child under a tree and gets discharged from hospital as they ran out of money, most of the time you pay to the hospital in advanced)

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