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Knight of Swords - The Ghost Tarot

Knight of Swords - The Ghost Tarot
Knight of Swords - The Ghost Tarot 

If you are expecting to hear news from someone or something, you'll hear what you want to hear.

Knight of Swords means loads of travel and stuff to accomplish

You might have been rather pessimistic lately and you think you'll highly unlikely hear some good news but no need to be pessimistic and dark you'll hear some good news.

Knight of Swords also means you started to journey and everything come out well

Life is all about war, this your war, battle and you are not going to give up until you get your victory..

Stand Up for Your Rights, put your Fears Aside and be brave.
Stop thinking about "shall I do this or not " just do it, have courage, trust yourself and take action.

Don't be shy on expressing your own opinions and don't forget to make sure what you are talking about.

Think before you speak !!!

If you are looking for a work, good news, you might get the job you want.

Keep focused.

Don't let other to tell you what to do.

If you are single, someone that you dreamt of all your life will come into your life.

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The Ghost Tarot

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