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4 of Cups - Tarot Lenormand

4 of Cups - Tarot Lenormand
4 of Cups - Tarot Lenormand 

It's time to stop daydreaming and living in real world...

You might be moody and having mood swings

You need to find a way to relax, maybe try to do some yogas or meditations

No need to be sad over circumstances we can't change / we have no control over.
Try to look things more objective

4 of Cups - Tarot Lenormand
4 of Cups - Tarot Lenormand 

Spend some time alone, be with your own demons

You may want to make some harsh decisions

4 cups is Cancer in Astrology, Moon in Cancer

Don't pity yourself

Don't let boredom make you unhappy.

Don't try to think about things which are not meant for us

Although it's an upright (some people don't read reversed because they think reversed cards are all negative, uprights cards can be negative) this card is pretty negative..

Basically this card is telling us "it's no use crying over spilt milk"

If we go on like this we won't recognise what life has given him he does not recognize the new opportunities being created.

Four cups indicate conditions of emotions

The focus is on the material aspects of life (physical well beings, morality, obsessions, desires, purpose etc)

You want a new income, possibly new job,

There'll be many things to accomplish...

You want to be with your ex and you still wonder if you two have a chance

There are many things to accomplish like planning a trip..

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