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Domovoy - Домово́й

Domovoy - Домово́й
Domovoy - Домово́й

I heard about Domovoi on a reality show, .

As my nephew & niece speaks Russian it took my attention and I decided to search for it.

So In traditional families, there's a belief that the elder of that home, should invite Domovoy, Domovoy is a kind house spirit that protects home and children.

According to legend they share the emotions of the family, such as if they are happy, Domovy is also happy, if they are sad Domovy is also sad.

Domovy protects childen and anmals of the house.

It is also said that he can mask his appearance by adopting the form of a dog or cat

You also need to pay respects to Domovoy if the house was unoccupied for a while, “take a seat for the road”,after everything is packed for the trip, as a way to say a temporary goodbye to Domovoy / Domovoi.

If the residents are careless, and leaves the house untidy then the Domovoi will have Poltergeist-style antics in order to show his displeasure.

You may not see Domovoi but you can feel its presence

If you upset your Domovoi, he may give harm to your house hold, breaking the plates, objects, making your food or milk go wrong.

If you want to make your Domovoi happy offer and leave him so bread & milk. also it has been said that he like tobacco.

Also if you keep your house reasonably tidy, your Domovoi will be happy as well.

Happy New Year to you all.

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