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K'an The Abysmal - I Ching Oracle

K'an The Abysmal - I Ching Oracle
K'an The Abysmal - I Ching Oracle 

K'an The Abysmal Above Water - Below Water
Water upon Water
Danger follows Danger

Water flows until it meets an obstacle or is contained.
Here water meets only more water.
It's very important to stay true to yourself, during challenges.
Sincerity bring success

Kan reveals how we explore out paths when there's a danger or when we feel danger.
When We feel there's a danger we try to uncover it.
The question what do we do during these times? Do we run away or stay and fight.
Do we stay and wait for the light at the end of the Horizon or just run?
Are we going to learn our lessons from this or just ignore like nothing had happened?
Are we going to let the unhealthy things / people in our lives or start a new?
Are we going to face the challenges and discover who we are?
Are we going to face & meet our Nemesis?

If you don't take actions you'll be repeating your mistakes, it'll be a vicious cycle.

Repeating mistakes is a choice, free will not a destiny.

You might find yourself in danger all over again because you haven't changed your behaviours or took actions..

eg if you have a violent partner and he's violent to you, if you haven't took actions, left him or report him to authorities, thinking that it's only one time, and he'll not repeat that mistake again and when he's violent to you next time, it's only you to blame.

The message is to stop being a victim...

Stop acting like you are a victim, because if you don't take precautions to change it, you'll be the only one to blame not others.

Don't lose courage to start a new...

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