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Sun God - The Native Heart Healing Oracle

Sun God - The Native Heart Healing Oracle
Sun God - The Native Heart Healing Oracle

Allow your intuition to guide you, where you need healing. 

Allow your intuition guide you to the areas where you need physical strain, energy, or you have sadness

Clear those areas with rays of Sun by placing this Mandala on the areas you need healing.

Best time to do this is at nights

Positive changes are on your way to you

This is a spiritual transformation

When we go through changes we go through a period of darkness (just like Mercury Retro times)

But after darkness, there comes sunshine. 

Brightness, everything back to normal

Hold on to the light, because it's coming, the good things are coming

You have a brand new path. 

I can't be sure when it's coming but it's coming to your way.

Everybody goes through spiritual paths, transformations, but completion totally depends on you, for some it takes couple of months, weeks, for some years.

it's about moving forward and it depends on you how accepting you are on changes.

Some of us finds it hard, I am one of those people, and transformations in my life takes much longer comparing to others, not that accepting, forgiving, can't let go of things, attached to things and it takes a lot longer to transform, for the new things to come to my life.

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The Native Heart Healing Oracle

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