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Kuman Thong

A reproduction Kuman Thong sold as a souvenir at the Buddhist temple at Ayutthaya, Thailand, wrapped in a cloth featuring Nang Kwak

Hello I am back with another supernatural post.

Kuman Thong is a Thai Supernatural house hold divinity, It's believe that Kuman Thongs bring luck and fortune if you look after them well..

Thai's are really afraid / scared of Ghosts. It's unbelievable considering the amount of ghosts they invite to their homes business.

If you have watched any Thai lakorn you'd see this in the dramas.

Kuman Thong means golden boy..

This actress here in the photo is as Kuman Thong in a TV Drama

If you chose to have a Kuman Thong at your home and office, it means you need to have responsibilities, you need to take care of your Kuman Thongs, as you are taking care of your own pets or children.

You can see Kuman Thongs (plastic or statue (clay) all around Thailand, and Thai Temples.

It's believed that it's originated from Necromancy..

To make a Kuman Thong you need to abort the baby, remove the baby from a pregnant women's womb and a nark magic practitioner needs to invoke the still born babies. 
It involves burning a candle under the chin of the corpse of a woman who died while pregnant, and collecting the oil that comes out of the skin.

The body of the child needs to be taken to a cemetery for the rituals to invoke a Kuman Thong,

The body needs to be dry roasted and painted with Ya Lak & Takrut with gold leaf) and covered in gold leaf. That's why Kuman Thongs received the name of “Kuman Thong”, meaning “Golden Little Boy”.

This type of practice is less common as it's been banned.

But there were q couple of occasions in 2000's. A British Taiwanese arrested in a hotel room with 6 male fetuses
Another one was arrested in Laos for murdering his wife and using the fetus as Louk Lord.

There are some super realistic ones out (a bit like reborn dolls)

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*image credit : Greg Field
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