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OYN - The Tower - Tarot of The Gnomes

OYN - The Tower - Tarot of The Gnomes
OYN - The Tower - Tarot of The Gnomes

Whether The Tower is reversed or upright the interpretation remains the same.

The Tower is about changes . (The same goes for the "Devil” and “Death,”)

It's about difficulties someone / something is causing for you or for your loved ones.

There's still a possibility unfortunately still a possibility that there are some people/situations that you think they'll be there for you but you just miscalculated

Don't over think of this, it's not a big major change.. It's smth minor. It'll not be the end of life.

You need to learn to deal with it.

OYN - The Tower - Tarot of The Gnomes
OYN - The Tower - Tarot of The Gnomes

Don't stress out at work, it'll be unlike you, it'll be unusual behaviour for you, and people will wonder. 

Don't get into arguments and conflicts.

Think Positive so positive things will come at the end.

Think of this situation as glass with half water, everything depends on how you see it.

Like The Hanged Man advised yesterday don't invest your money into anything at this moment

No gambling, no euro bonds, nothing, keep your money in your pocket, avoid harsh decisions on finances.

Don't over spend your money on useless things.

Keep it in your pocket

Avoid dangerous situations, don't play with fire.

Keep positive attitude no matter what

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