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Page of Wands - Pagan Tarot

Page of Wands - Pagan Tarot
Page of Wands - Pagan Tarot 

Another powerful card for today.

Pages are young, represents someone younger than yourself.
Wand people are warm, Wands people are also easily distracted.
You need to focus on what you are doing
Finally your efforts are giving / will be giving its fruits

Wands are fire signs like Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Page of Wands - Pagan Tarot
Page of Wands - Pagan Tarot 

Page of wands also warning you give importance to your health..
Time to use your creativity and start with small changes in your creative work 

Just be a little bit more brave and take some more steps.

You need to know your strength & weaknesses

Page of wands brings you surprising news

Page of wands are young & inexperienced just liked The Fool

Deck Used Here
Pagan Tarot

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