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Zombie Tarot - Ace Of Swords Rx

Zombie Tarot - Ace Of Swords Rx

Sometimes reversed Ace of Swords might mean disappointment, disapproval or depending on circumstances might mean , "that it's not a good idea" It also suggests that you are having a chronic problem that you are not dealing it with the way you need to deal with it.

 Ace Swords in rx position also tells us that there is a verbal argument (all the bad words are flying up in the air, or someone is hurting you with their words,

 Find whatever is hurting you, and try to change it or accept it to move forwards in life. You also need to watch out your mouth, watch out the words you use. 

 Don't jump into every offer, be careful and be selective, AS rx positions warns you about illusions You might be a habitual liar / or you might have people who are habitual liars around you

Zombie Tarot - Ace Of Swords Rx

Or you have I'll wait for the next day or the day after to do smth habits or you have some people like that around you. having crazy thoughts & ideas is also included in habits When AS is rx position it also means confusions you / people around you might be confused and warns you to be careful

It also means your partner / your friends are not suitable / inappropriate for you, not on your level It's about frustrations, struggle & animosity Take small baby steps & study / work on things slowly & methodically Too much power can lead to disasters,"control, control, control", your power, your strength, and be patient. 

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