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Page of Swords - Tarot of The Journey to The Orient

Page of Swords - Tarot of The Journey to The Orient
Page of Swords - Tarot of The Journey to The Orient 

Page of Swords represents someone who's being truthful, someone who is like a child, young at heart and sometimes someone who has childish behaviours.

Page of Swords indicated that a new phase is about to begin in your life.   

Consider all offers & proposals carefully before accepting it

Be careful about the secrets being kept from you are the secrets around you, this creates confusion and lack of trust, and you may also misinterpret things, you'd reach your own conclusions, which may not be true. 

There may be delays and things getting postponed, and this may causing frustrations in your life, causing disappointments. 

The Page of Swords may be indicating that there may be a possible delay or postponement that will make you displeased and disappointed.

Page Swords also warns you about someone being deceitful to you or there'll be a situation where you'll be deceived, and all your efforts will be going to trash.   

Page of Swords - Tarot of The Journey to The Orient
Page of Swords - Tarot of The Journey to The Orient 

But do not worry, as positive changes will be coming to your life after a suspension period.

If you think positive, there will be new ideas, positive things will be coming to your way. 

This is a time of growth, maybe also could be mental growth, doing some stuff to improve your mental health, memory etc  

But Page of Swords also brings challenges, which you may not enjoy or like.  

Page of Swords asks you to accept these situations for your own personal growth.

Once you have passed that frustration period, you'll become a better person. 

 All that frustrations and being calm, you'd be learning valuable lessons.

 You are making positive changes in your life at this time, and a great reward is waiting you at the end of this journey.

In Romance department things may not be going smooth. 

If you are single it's gonna take some time to find love. 

You need to work hard to find love.  

Maybe you struggle finding love. 

Be clear with what you are committing, less talk more action, make those promises, words real, take action.  

Don't stay with your old habits, sticking to your old habits is unhealthy. You may block new things entering to your life. .  

You have beautiful goals, dreams to achieve, to achieve these get rid of your old habits.

Use your skills that you have developed from a young age, communication skills, sales, collecting information etc. 

Page of Swords tells us that, You are a person who constantly who constantly research, seeking for knowledge and read.  

You are free thinker and freedom seeker, an idealistic person

Page of Swords are good storytellers.

Also Page of Swords are unpredictable.

You are always curious, you enjoy investigating. 

Be open to the other people's mood swings, like you except them to accept your mood swings, you also need to be more acceptive. 

Page of Swords tell us that it's quite possible for you to recover from your mental & emotional injuries. 

Page of Swords tells us that start exercising for your physical strength, and it will also help you for your mental health. 

You have got money making opportunities and possibilities, all you need is to pay attention to the opportunities coming to your way. 

You are filled with energy and act now to bring your plans to life. 

. Do more of what makes you happy. 

Spend time, surround yourself with people who will inspire you to achieve your goals.

You are always communicating, you are filled with ideas and you are happy to share what you know, what you learned with people. 

Communication is your passion. 

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Your mind is filled with questions and as well as energy, it looks like your brain can't stop ticking all the time. 

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