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8 of Cups - Crow Tarot

8 of Cups - The Crow Tarot
8 of Cups - The Crow Tarot

Generally, 8 of Cups represents, represents giving up, leaving things, people for good. Walking away from things, walking away from people, escaping, turning your back. 

You are disappointed, dissatisfied on the way things turned around. A lot of strength and courage needed for this act, and if you have decided to go through this it means you had bad experiences and you no longer have the strength to cope with all those problems. 

8 of Cups - The Crow Tarot

You want to start to new journey, to pursue your dreams and goals, a new blank chapter as you have experienced ups and downs. 

8C asks you to focus on meaning of life. 8C also a disappointment in love & relationships. You have no energy left for a new relationship. 8C also represents you walking away from a troubled & abusive relationship, this person is someone you think you loved . Don't delay things otherwise things are gonna get difficult for you and your partner. 8C also represent time to heal.

 8C also warning you about a possible bad news in the future. 8C is also represents transition period. Don't spend your time on thinking of negative things, it will have a bad impact in your life. Focus on the positive instead of the negative. 

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