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3 of Swords - The Byzantine Tarot

3 of Swords - The Byzantine Tarot

3 of Swords - The Byzantine Tarot 

A sign of sorrow, being unhappy, being in pain. Heart breaks.

 3 of swords symbolizes all those... 

This is a transition period of time that you need to go through. 

 Don't deny the pain, don't act like you've not been hurt, your heart is not in pain, don't act like life is bed of roses. 

 You need to experience this pain unfortunately, It's saddening but it's also an of a relationship , 

You need to talk and resolve things, communicate a bit more for you to save your relationship.. Unfortunately depression / anxiety is slowly taking over you, You need to keep the positive vibes on.

Deck Used Here

Byzantine Tarot  

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