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Goddess of Teotihuacan - Earth Warriors Oracle

Goddess of Teotihuacan - Earth Warriors Oracle
Goddess of Teotihuacan - Earth Warriors Oracle

Goddess of Teotihuacan

She Guards the Waters of Life

The ancient guardian mother protects the waters of Life. 

She offers her protection and blessing. Her appearance angurs a  time of purification and cleansing, leading to enhance fertility. You are creator of new consciousness, agener,tour of positive energy as fuel for constructive outcomes. need your Ivitalised being to keep nourishing the human collective with helpful alternatives to mainstream consciousness. 

You it'll be protected and supported at the deep level of soul in order to become the creator and custodian of a clean reservoir of consciousness from which souls thirsty for purity, relief and love, can drink. Ihe ancient mother will help you to help her and the many creatures within her care. she will help you to be fearlessly inventive with your loving creations of healing consciousness.

Goddess of Teotihuacan - Earth Warriors Oracle
Goddess of Teotihuacan - Earth Warriors Oracle

Consider very seriously the need to cut cords to negative or unhelpful influences in your life — whether they be habits, people or forms of entertainment and media that threaten to distort the pure and wise use of your wild spirit and ignited mind! 

Whilst It is important that you engage with others, the sacred creator within you requires time and space in solitude to process, reflect contemplate and create. 

Only then can you remember who you are and what is important to you -- and summon the inner act accordingly. In that way, you will not become overly swayed by any lesser force, particularly mainstream consciousness that perpetuates victimising thought patterns and behaviours. 

Give Yourself a chance for spiritual, psychological and emotional timeout and cleansing so that you can recognise the inner truth of your own soul and adhere to it faithfully.

Sacred Mother has come to you in honour of the important work you have to accomplish as a creator of consciousness, a free thinker and a seeker of truth. What original healing stories will you give birth to in your life and this world? If you've become dried up and depleted, the Divine Mother brings you nourishment. 

Let The inner well of your soul be filled with her presence and grace through deep rest and contemplation. Give yourself space and for renewal, and allow any overload of mind or nervous system to discharge into earth. If you have lost the zest for your passion, or have become confused or overwhelmed, scattered with too many ideas or directions, you are in need of the spiritual cleansing which her blessing brings to you.

The waters of your own consciousness must be safeguarded so that they can become a tonic for the souls of others. When you highly value your uniqueness and originality, you become willing to bear the uncertainty that accompanies absence of the familiar.

Vigorously contest any who attempt co exploit, direct or distort the true expression of your higher knowing. In contemplation,impure material separates from the truth and is filtered out of the soul. purity of your truth such a seemingly subtle quality has an astonishing power co change, As you take time allow purity to emerge front deeply restful, reflective meditation,your personal energy and spiritual potency grow. höur Potential To be an influence in this world increases accordingly. However,so too does the interest of less noble creatures in exploiting that delicious divine power for their own nefarious purpose! 

Avoid Such tragedy by refusing to entertain any person or idea that drains, depletes or diminishes the quality of your consciousness.

Be resolute and exacting. If it's not right, courageously and unapologetically cast it out.In your uncompromising defence of your most strange and beautiful ideas, uplifting truth and fierce loving wisdom, you will come to know what it feels like to be as a new world in and of yourself.

You will feel your being like a planet in devotional orbit around a divine sun. Instead of contorting yourself to fit into the frustrated and grasping world of others, you will offer those seeking something more beautiful the opportunity Of Finding refuge within your world. 

Instead of being influenced, you become an influencer. Instead of trying to dominate others, you awaken within them the desire for their own higher nature.effect healing transformation without force. 

This is the way of inpower, of the sacred water wisdom that cleanses the impure and creates new life without diminishing its life force.

You have the opportunity to shift from stressful striving to more restful and abundant creation, sourced from the depths Of Your being in silent, absorbing communion with the Divine. 

It Takes discipline and commitment to learn this new way of being, to recognise the essential need for time and space in contemplation to consciously create. It takes courage to refuse to bow down to the productivity pushers, who aren't interested in authentic offerings that heal both through the process of their creation as well as in their final form. Instead, they just want more stuff to perpetuate conveyor-belt consumerism for the genuine benefit of no one. Your refusals are sacred.

They bring with them the thirst-quenching waters of grace, bestowing freedom, wellbeing and soul-satisfying experiences of fulfilment

Say aloud: Divine Mother, please help humankind to understand and implement the best ways to protect the natural resources of this planet. 

May we use the creative power of our consciousness with wild loving reverence for life, generating wise action and purifying the waters of spiritual grace to restore all beings thirsty for truth.

When you are ready, you may like to drink some clean, purewater with gratitude. Imagine as you do so a world where all living beings have access to clean pure water, where the oceans are clean and pure, and the rivers are clean and pure. 

Let yourself feel joy and gratitude with such a visualisation. All reality begins with consciousness. Let us use every opportunity we can to support the necessary shift for life to thrive.You have completed your healing process.

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