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The Leap - Oracle of The Hidden Worlds

The Leap - Oracle of The Hidden Worlds
The Leap - Oracle of The Hidden Worlds


 Ecstasy, bliss, belief

 There will come a moment when you feel sublimely and perfectly connected, when the sheer life force of the Universe is directly linked to your own place of power.

Within this moment and this place, you have alignment,where all you have wanted becomes all that you are. You are enough, and you truly believe that and, therefore, you will move forth in the direction of the soul's greatest desire. 
The Leap - Oracle of The Hidden Worlds
The Leap - Oracle of The Hidden Worlds

This time is coming for you, and all you need do is remember that you are enough and open yourself up to the power of the energy that has sought to reach you for so long. In this moment, there is no fear.

In this moment, there is no hesitation. In this moment, the inner chatter of the voices of family and society, and even the fragmented aspects of ourselves, still and step back and let the pure connection between the Universe and the fragment of the Universe which is your soul rebond and reclaim the belief that you are blessed and deserve this wonder.

When this card comes, my friend, allow yourself to open up and absorb the power that is yours at this moment. It is time to connect and to take that leap of faith, and to know that, if the connection is cared for and maintained and believed in, you can fly. It is no great project, nor is it about power in the world.

It is about the experience that proves to us, once again, that you are a child of the Universe, and you are beloved. 

Prepare to have your faith restored and for the ecstasy of the spirit to move through you once again.

lam enough —
lam apart of the wonder that is the Universe, 
and l am loved
I will wait no longer 

Instead, I will leap into the embrace of the Universe

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