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Rahula-Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power

Rahula-Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power
Rahula-Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power 

Fierce Planetary Deity of the Sky

Rahula began his life as Rahu, a maleficent trouble-maker, born under a bad sign (pun intended). 

He was the son of a Nag, the snake deities and earth treasure guardians, and a Rakshasa, a demon. Legend has it that he snuck into a feast and sat between the sun and moon, causing an uproar and a scuffle when they discovered him, whereupon they cut off his head. 
Rahula-Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power
Rahula-Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power 

His head then roamed the sky occasionally swallowing the sun or the moon in spiteful revenge,creating eclipses. Astrology, in general, finds that calamities and disasters occur with the occlusion of the sun or moon's rays, and so he was greatly feared.

The famous Mahasiddha, Padmasambhava on his journey from India to Tibet, ran into a number of terrifying demons that plagued the land. 

One of them was Rahu. But Padmasambhava was a crafty and gifted enigmatic magician. He tamed Rahu by first getting him to tell him his name, then taking his power from him, and so binding him to the ways of Buddhism. 

Like convincing the mafia to work on a sting operation for the FBI, Rahula became a heavy for the good guys. With his terrifying eyes and gaping mouth he now protects and defends the Buddhist teachings. 

His name became Rahu-la, "Lah Meaning Lord. Surrounded by flames that signify his high mastery, Rahula is the Naga King and poisonous his favorite substance. He rules over gamblers,prostitutes and atheists.

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Buddha Wisdom Shakti Power 
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