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The Book Of Changes - Kuan Yin Oracle

The Book Of Changes - Kuan Yin Oracle
The Book Of Changes - Kuan Yin Oracle 

Just like a beautiful but unusual melody, the Divine plan is unfolding through your life ,although it isn't always predictable Kuan Yin guiding you in the right direction. 

Even if do not fully understand what is happening in your life right now, allow Kuan Yin to bless you with trust in the unfoldment of your own Divine Path. 

The Book of Changes is always at play, helping us find our way. You're just taking a smarter route to your destination
The Book Of Changes - Kuan Yin Oracle 

Sometimes situations or circumstances occur that seem to take us away from our desired goal or cause us to question whether we need to take matters into our own hands to achieve our desired manifestation. 

 Even if we do not understand why something is happening the way that it is right now, with patience and experience, the wisdom and helpfulness oa situation is often revealed and we can marvel at how we were assisted through the workings of a Higher Intelligence that we did not understand the time.

Just like an experienced guide on a mountain top, Kuan Yin Has traversed the spiritual path over many lifetimes to arrive at her enlightened and compassionate state. 

She is very wise and she is blessing you with her Grace, even if that Grace seems to be a dark cloud, a delay an unexpected disappointment or even a wonderful new opportunity in a different direction.

 She can help you avoid pitfalls chat you don't need to encounter if you crust in her guidance. She can read the Book Of Changes and understand the Divine Plan unfolding through you, to helplift you on to your Divine Path with the least struggle. 

You are being asked to trust and allow the circumstances in your life to unfold right now. If there are delays, don't force an issue, let it settle and sort itself out with as little interference by you as possible.

You don't have to let anyone take advantage of you, nor do you have to prevent yourself from expressing your truths and feelings about whatever is happening. However, you are being guided to trust that no matter what appears to be the case right now, this detour or unexpected situation is a blessing from the Divine Plan, confirmed by Kuan Yin, assisting you in avoiding unnecessary problems later on as she corrects your life direction and helps you move forward with greater grace on your Divine Path now. 

 Lie quietly in a slightly darkened room and take your awareness into your heart centre. Imagine that there is a light glowing in your heart,and a divine path unfolds before you, rising up, winding and curving,sometimes unexpectedly, yet always bathed in golden light

.On that path you see or sense the beautiful luminous energy field of Kuan Yin, as she tosses golden coins in the air and watches them as they land, laughing gently at the patterns they form, clapping her hands with delight. She sees you and raises her hand in blessing.

Offer to her any situation or unexpected circumstance wanted or unwanted — that is in your life at this time, Perceive her receiving this from you, turning it into golden coins and tossing it in the air, noticing the pattern as the coins land. She sends love to those coins from her heart and then returns them to you, Take them into your heart and know all is well.

Beloved Kuan Yin, thank you for your blessings of divine grace and assistance through my life as I allow che Divine plan, the Book of Changes with all its wisdom, to simply flow with trust and faith. I now pray for the courage to trust in your goodness and assistance, to see the beauty and perfection of all life situations so that I may benefit from it greatly now. Thank you for your help. 0m Shanti, May I feel your Peace In my heart now. 0m Shanti.

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