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A BLESSING OF FAERY MAGIC - Faery Blessing Cards

A BLESSING OF FAERY MAGIC - Faery Blessing Cards


THE FAERY GIFT OF ENCHANTMENT FROM THE REALM OF THE FAERY MAGICK is a blessing to us all, and, in truth,you work with it without even knowing, much of the time. 

When This gift of faery magick comes to you, let there be a sense that whatever you touch has a spark of magick to it a little extra lifeforce flowing through the fingers, a little extra depth in the way you see the world, a little extra tastiness to the food you eat, and a little extra kindness to you every day.
A BLESSING OF FAERY MAGIC - Faery Blessing Cards
A BLESSING OF FAERY MAGIC - Faery Blessing Cards

.Let whatever magick you decide to create have the blessing of the faeso your words and your actions, your wishes and dreams begin to merge, one into the other, until the inner world is mirrored by the outer world, and you feel you are creating what you desire in your life, and aligning closer and closer and closer with the lunar cycles, the solar cycles, the growing times, and the harvest. 

Come closer to the budding and the blooming and to the fall of leaf, and work within these energies so that what you wish for has its truest chance of actualising into the world of nature.

The natural world is alive and humming with faery magick, and now this blessing is offered to you — as a co-creation, a ceremony, a desire made action, a blessing that is enacted. 

You are a blessed child of the fae, and they offer you now their magick, this entry into the natural world, so that you too can know the gift of the touch that brings life to the world. Blessings of faery magick to you, friend.

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