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Treasure Bag - Shamanic Medicine

Treasure Bag - Shamanic Medicine
Treasure Bag - Shamanic Medicine 



  You are being called to walk the medicine way. Gather up all the little artefacts, trinkets, photos — those things that carry special meaning for you — and select the most precious.
  Use these items to create your very own medicine bag. 

You can add treasured memories to your bag by associating them with tangible objects,A fond memory of the sea might be represented by a special shell,You will soon need this medicine bag to further your spiritual journey as protector and way shower.

Treasure Bag - Shamanic Medicine
Treasure Bag - Shamanic Medicine 

You will come into your power as one who can heal emotional wounds and help others to do the same, The medicine bag is most potent when worn around the  neck, but can also be kept in a pocket, bag, attached to aor somewhere sacred within the home. 

The strength, guidanced. 

  It is and energy you can draw from it can always be accessed 

important to remember  and learn from past experiences to create a brighter future. 

The medicine bag will help you remain calm When it comes to affairs of the heart


Made of cloth or leather, a medicine bag (also known as a crone,druidic crane or spirit medicine bag) is worn around the neck andover the heart centre, as protection from the past and the future. Itcan contain stones, herbs, bones, hair, fur, feathers, shells and/or other small sacred objects. 

The medicine bag helps the holder to be in relationship with the world around them whilst connecting to the power of the supernatural.

Allow old memories to surface. 

Remember the past fondly. .Look through pictures, photographs and other memorabilia to reconnect you with the feelings that make you, you! 

Gather tools that enhance who you are and can assist you on your path.

Adorn me with findings, like feathers and jewels, 
I offer Protection For Your sacred tools. 
Placed round neck, wear me on your heart,  
Connecting with spirit, and never to part.

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