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Bee - The Secret Language of Animals

Bee - The Secret Language of Animals
Bee - The Secret Language of Animals 


Creativity, Purpose, Harvest,Devotion

 In ancient Egypt, when the tears of the sun god Ra landed on the desert sand they became the bees of the world. 

When Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love drew back his bow, the string was made of honey bees. When the ancient Essenes entered holy communion with the Angel of Creative Work, they called upon visions of bees at work, devoted to their collection of divine nectar. 

Bee - The Secret Language of Animals
Bee - The Secret Language of Animals 

Rock paintings dating as far back as 15,000 years ago depict humans gathering honey from wild bees as a magical food source, as medicine, antiseptic and preservative.

.When a Bee first emerges from her wax cell into the world,instantly she goes to work, first cleaning her own cell, the helping to nurse other new arrivals. 

She will move through various tasks and roles over the coming weeks, before entering her final role as a forager for nectar and pollen.

She will travel miles each day, playing a vital role in pollinating thousands of flowers, and when she finds a spot rich with nectar, she will communicate its location with an intricate dance that indicates both distance and direction in great detail.

Beehives are a living example of highly organized, holistic and Symbiotic society. Each member plays a vital role in the balance the hive, each hive contributes life to the world around it.

 Essential pollinators of many of our food plants, bees remind us that no matter how advanced our technology becomes, we remain intimately entwined with the pulse of Mother Nature
Bee comes into your world with a clear and simple message your mission to devote yourself to the harvesting and sharing your divine gifts.

 Do not question it, Do not doubt it. Do not for a moment think that your gift is not needed. 
Do not for one second think that the absence of your expression would go unnoticed. Like the quintessential role that Bee plays in pollinating flowers to make food for our planet, you came here with a creative gift that needs to be harvested and brought forth. Your soul yearns for it. 
Tie balance of our planet relies on it.Bee is calling you to play your part. To embark on the mission of discovering the nectar and the gold of your own being and bringing it forth to share with others. Bee says we each have our unique part to play, and while it is important to discover our ownnote to play, there is also deep fulfillment in dissolving into the greater chorus of the hive. 
Be humble and quietly focused on the task at hand. 
Be resilient and generous in your interaction with others. 
Do not be concerned if you have been recognized today for your great deeds. 
Allow yourself to be fed by your devotion and by the pulse of creation flowing within you (in whatever form it takes). With Bee as your guide, you will discover the sweet power of service as a gift in itself. Reward will come in the quiet witness of others benefiting from the fruit of your creation... and awakening to their own. Now is a powerful time to ask yourself'"How can my daily work and way of being serve the Earth and those around me?" Perhaps in ways that you don't even realize I came into this world with a divine purpose. From my first steps to my final flight, I fulfill it each day a new,I nurture myself and share my gifts, playing my part in the greater whole
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