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Haunted Missouri

Haunted Missouri
Haunted Missouri 

Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant and Lounge in Warehouse Row

Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant and Lounge in Warehouse Row is housed in a circa-1860 warehouse. It is haunted by an unknown female ghost nicknamed Belle.

Port Cape Girardeau Restaurant and Lounge in Warehouse Row

She has been nicknamed Belle by the bartender who named her said Belle showed him that he liked the nickname he has given to her, few days after naming her Belle, he heard a bell ringing downstairs when he was thinking about her. Belle had been seen in a 19th-century long dress, and Customers and staff noticed the noises she made, orbs appeared in, orbs were also visible in photos.

Knob Noster

Knob Noster
Knob Noster

Knob Noster is a small Missouri town close to Whiteman Air Force Base.

The legend says that at one time there was a hermit, who lived up on the hill avoiding the rest of the town as much as possible.

He had a slave who used run errands for him and he was liked by the locals, When the locals saw the hermit running his own errands after learning that the slave went missing they got concerned .

The rumours spread around the town that The Hermit had killed his slave, after this incident there was a terrible storm and people witnessed a laten moving up the hill before the lightning hit the town.

The next day Hermit's body was discovered on the hill, his face frozen in terror.

People still see the light from a lantern moving up and down the hillside on stormy nights.

There are stories of a great tribal battle fought on the hill. Following the battle, the tribes formed mounds as either a monument or a burial site for warriors slain during the battle. Others claim that an Indian treasure, the main portion of it gold, was carried to the mounds and buried. Locals claim the area is haunted by the spirits of Indians guarding the gold.

Another legend A wagon train that was ambushed by Osagian Indians in 1825.

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University

Southeast Missouri State University’s Cheney Hall is rumored to be haunted by a female student who committed suicide in a bathtub.

Students claim door slams by itself and noises have been heard in the room

The Music Building is also said to be haunted by apparitions and slamming doors, and the Rose Theatre is believed to contain the ghost of a lady who murdered her husband.

It’s said that Mary the ghost who haunts the Music building likes to make herself known by playing tricks Other rumour is of an old man haunting the theatre and a blood stain on the concrete that can’t be removed.

Lorimer Cemetery

Lorimer Cemetery
Lorimer Cemetery

Lorimer Cemetery is an historic Cemetery from the early 1800 and it's the home of The Tapping Ghost, It is a sensation of something tapping you on the shoulder, The tapping repeats, usually until the visitor gets scared and hurries away. Female visitors also have experienced their hair being pulled

Jesse James Farm

Jesse James
Jesse James 

I'm sure everyone knows about Jesse James, so I don't think it will surprise any one that James Family’s farm is one of the most haunted places in Missouri.

The farm is open to public visits, while visiting you got to learn about how Jesse & Frank were raised, and how Jesse was beaten & almost hung by the soldiers while he was in search for his brother, his half brother was also killed while he was in search for Jessie & Frank

Before relocating Jessie's remains to Olive Cemetery his remains was in the farm and his mother was charging visitors to come and visit his grave, but ofcourse relocating his remains didn't stopped the hauntings, visitors had many experiences while visiting the farm

The Screaming House Of Union

The Screaming House Of Union
The Screaming House Of Union

This is the The Amityville Horror of Missouri

In 2001 corporate trainer Steven LaChance and his three children were going through hard times, his wife left him with his 3 children.Steven took his children to the town of Union. Steven rented the multistory home from a local property management firm.The LaChances were thrilled to be starting anew. Just on the day they moved in, car had pulled up and shouted “hope you will get along well with them” and ofcourse nor Steve, neither his kids knew what was waiting them.

Lights were the first thing family began to notice was the lights. They found no electrical  issues.

Doors started to open and closed on it's own, the activity in their began to increase .

Children started get scared and they didn't want to walk from one room to other room alone 

 One of sons had a scary experience with a clown look alike creature, Children regularly heard screams. 

When the problems gone worse, Steve contacted paranormal investigators, & groups but had no luck. 

The final straw was when the house began to shake & screams filled the house. 

The Catholic Church and the Screaming House Paranormal groups and the Catholic Church were called in to investigate the home.

The house was supposedly built on the remains of a slave quarters cabin from the pre-Civil War era. Within five hundred feet of the home was an older cemetery, while across the street in a separate home, a violent ax murder once took place. Steven and the groups believed the entire land was poisoned from a bloody history.

Missouri State Penitentiary

Missouri State Penitentiary
Missouri State Penitentiary

Missouri State Penitentiary is one of the longest-running maximum-security prisons in the U.S, it began housing inmates in 1836.

Once it was referred as the "Bloodiest 47 acres in America, everything started with when they started using prisoners to for building several mansions near the prison.

Within this building is a basement of dungeons, referred to as the “Hole.” This was used to house post Civil War criminals.

Both prisoners & guards had their own paranormal experiences. Missouri State Penitentiary no longer housing criminals

The legendary American boxer and heavyweight champion Charles “Sonny” Liston served time in Missouri State Penitentiary for armed robbery.

Famous inmates of Missouri State Penitentiary : Kate Richards O'Hare, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Heady, James Earl Ray and Sonny Listen.

James Earl Ray, who was about to serve 20 years in the penitentiary for robbery in 1967, he managed to escape, James Earl Ray changed history when he killed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Jefferson Barracks Military Post Cemetery
Jefferson Barracks Military Post Cemetery

The cemetery was established after the American Civil War in an attempt to put together formal network of military cemeteries. It started as the Jefferson Barracks Military Post Cemetery in 1826 and in 1866 it became United States National Cemetery .

The first known burial was Elizabeth Ann Lash, the infant child of an officer stationed at Jefferson Barracks.

The cemetery is administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs on the former site of Jefferson Barracks. It covers 331 acres. The cemetery is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

By 1869, more than 10,000 deceased Union soldiers had been transferred to the national cemetery. In 1876, 470 unknown Union remains were transferred from Arsenal Island in Illinois, the U.S. Army’s contagious disease hospital located on an island in the Mississippi River, known during the war as “Smallpox Island." Flooding washed away the cemetery’s wooden markers, making identification of the remains impossible when they were reinterred.

JEFFERSON BARRACKS & CEMETERY is believed to be haunted by a number of ghosts. Building 1 is said to be haunted by an older Confederate Civil War general who has been spotted at the post commander's office, as well as a man's shadowy ghost who sits at a desk on the second floor.

In Building 25, lights are known to come on by themselves.

In Building 29, witnesses have reported footsteps, flushing toilets

Building 37 is said to be haunted by a hazy apparition and at the Powder Magazine, a ghost sentry has been known to appear.

  • Medal of Honour recipients 
  • Major Ralph Cheli (1919-1944), for heroism while leading a bombing mission in World War II.
  • Donald D. Pucket (1915-1944), pilot in the U.S. Army Air Forces, for action World War II

    • First Lieutenant Michael Joseph Blassie (1948-1972), previously interned as the "Vietnam unknown soldier" at the Tomb of the Unknowns, re-interred here after DNA testing positively identified his remains

      • Peter J. Cook, the last Spanish–American War Veteran to die.
      • Walter Mayberry (1915-1944)- college football player who died in a Japanese POW camp
      • Private Richard Gentry, veteran of the Revolutionary and the Indian Wars. He was present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.Major Russell Bissell (1756-1807), veteran of the Revolutionary and Indian Wars.
        • Colonel Thomas Hunt (1754-1808), a "Minuteman" at the Battle of Concord, April 1775. During the revolution he was wounded at the Battle of Stony Point and Siege of Yorktown. He was also a veteran of the Indian Wars and commanded the 1st Infantry Regiment.
        • Mass grave of sixty-one merchant marines and sailors who died in the fire aboard the SS J. Pinckney Henderson on August 19, 194
        Mass grave for 123 of the 139 victims of the Palawan Massacre
    • Remains of 5 crewmen from B-36 Bomber 075 lost on the coast of British Columbia, Canada while conducting a training mission on February 13, 1950 

Epperson House

Epperson House
Epperson House 

Uriah Spray Epperson died in 1925, leaving his baronial Tudor-Gothic mansion at 52nd and Cherry Streets in Kansas City, Mo., to his wife, Mary Elizabeth

She was his inspiration when he build the house, Those were the days it was known as Hawthron Hall, and It was later called Epperson House

The house’s construction lasted 4 years, from 1919 to 1923, Uriah hired the most skilled craftsmen available, the Epperson House was meant to stand in lasting remembrance of a man that grew from poverty to wealth in Kansas City and always considered it to be his hometown.

Mrs. Epperson lived in Hawthorn Hall until her death in 1939. Uriah’s closest business associate,had been given the Hawthron ownership of the house and the Epperson estate, by. In September 1942, Lynn instead donated it to the University of Kansas City.

The resident ghosts are those of Uriah's adopted daughter and Uriah .

The daughter died in the home while the organ was being constructed in the house. She appears in an evening gown accompanied by organ music late at night.

In addition, a man's arm in a blue suit has been seen turning off a light. The Epperson House is one of the Top 5 U.S. Haunted Houses.

Ravenswood Mansion

Ravenswood Mansion
Ravenswood Mansion 

Nadine & Charles Leonard build the Ravenswood Mansion in 1880, they were a couple who loved entertaining, they loved hiring an orchestra and inviting their friends to dance all night. 

Sound so dreamy is not it :) waltzing all night.  

Nadine remained in her beloved home until she died aged 90 years old

When family tried to enter Nadine’s bedroom after her death to collect some clothing he found the door locked from inside

He thought that the lock was broken, but by the time the servant returned with the required tools the door was open

Christmas ornaments are often thrown down the stairs, a broken music box randomly plays music despite not having worked for years and some visitors say they can hear music and laughter from the lawns

Vaile Mansion

Vaile Mansion
Vaile Mansion

The Vaile Mansion was built for Colonel Harvey Merrick Vaile and his wife, Sophia, beginning in 1871 – both of them would die within the walls, their lives shattered by scandal.

Colonel Vaile was born in Vermont in 1831. He graduated with a law degree from the University of Louisville and moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1859, He was one of the founders of the Republican Party in Jackson County. Vaile carefully built his fortune

Construction of his mansion began in 1871 and lasted for 10 years. It was finally completed in 1881

But that was when things started to go bad. In the early 1880s Vaile was involved in a scandal and he was charged with defrauding the government, he faced two trials, in 1882 and 1883. Both of them ended in a not guilty verdict.

The rumors are Mrs Valie is had to face the embarrassment of the accusations of her husband

Sophie committed suicide by taking an overdose of morphine. She died in the house while Colonel Vaile was still in Washington, D.C.

Colonel Vaile lived in the mansion until his death in 1895.

After Sophie's death Colonel Vaile could not bear to be without her, so he buried her on the estate in a glass-topped coffin so that he could look on her face.

Legend says The neighbours protested glass-topped coffin in his backyard and that forced him to give his wife a more conventional burial

After Vaile’s death, the court battle over his estate lasted for five years. Eventually, the house was sold and was turned into an inn for a time and then a private asylum and sanitarium. After that, a mineral water company, Vaile Pure Water Co., operated there for many years before it was turned into a rest home.

After Vaile Pure Water Co, mansion was acquired by Roger and Mary Mildred DeWitt in the 1960s, the home was saved from destruction. It’s been preserved by a non-profit group since 1983.

Besides former owner Mrs. Vaile appearing in the window or around the property grounds, it is also believed that the home's former use as an asylum left negative energies and residual hauntings.

Bellefontaine Cemetery

Bellefontaine Cemetery

According to the legend a young girl hitches a ride somewhere between the Calvary Cemetery nearby and the gates of the Bellefontaine cemetery, and before arriving at the gates, she just vanished

The Governor's Mansion

The Governor's Mansion

The Governor’s Mansion has been home to Missouri governors since 1872 with Thomas Crittenden and his family among the first to live there.

Thomas Crittenden's daughter Caroline born and died there at age of 10 after contracting diphtheria in 1873

The first paranormal experiences started when the mansion was under construction and there was a workman in the attic

He saw the ghost of Caroline playing in the attic while he was working, she was playing up in the attic during the time he was working.

After realizing his playmate was a ghost, he refused to go and work in the mansion

The other paranormal activity in the Mansion includes objects moving, inaudible voices, and ripples of laughter that seem to move up and down the stairs, and footsteps that are heard in carpeted areas.

Lemp Mansion

Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion was originally built in 1868 by a man named Jacob Feikert who also just so happened to be the father-in-law of William Lemp Sr. (the patriarch of the family).

In the 19th century, the Lemp family was practically royalty in St. Louis, Missouri. John Adam Lemp had introduced lager beer to St. Louis in 1838 with the opening of his brewery

Several Lemp family members died in the house and are said to be haunting the mansion. William Lemp and two of his sons committed suicide in the mansion. His wife died of cancer in her bedroom and it's reported an illegitimate son suffered from Down's Syndrome and was in the attic for his entire life.

Employees have reported a phantom ghost sitting at a table or a disembodied piano player. B&B guests have left in the middle of the night without any explanation. Phantom sounds of horse hooves along the road to the carriage house have been reported. Disembodied voices, objects moving by themselves, drawers opening and closing on their own are just a few of the many paranormal activities reported.

Smallett's Cave

Two ladies in 1920's who were walking near Spring Creek when a man stepped out from the side of the road. He was headless and had a pair of shoes strung around the stump of his neck and a bible on his shoulder, the ladies ran off but this time he appeared to two boys who were riding

Some people witnessed a headless horseman rode his horse towards them

Some people say there's a ghost that lives in Smallett’s Cave and that passers-by can hear him tapping away as he cobbles shoes.

Thespian Hall

Thespian Hall in Boonville dates back to the 1850s and is the oldest theater still in use west of the Alleghenies. Not only has it operated as a theater, but also a dance hall, library, movie theater, stable, skating rink, church and Civil War hospital. "Mrs. X" is the most well known ghost at Thespian Hall, and has been described as having grey hair, a white collared blouse and a dark skirt. She carries a purse and her face is usually blurred. She is believed to be the grandmother to an opera singer who performed here, and has been spotted frequently in the audience during rehearsals. Ragtime music has also been heard playing in the hall, and wig stands have moved on their own, turning to face themselves toward the mirrors when nobody is in the room.

Zombie Road

It was nicknamed Zombie Road in the 1950s. The road was originally built to gain access to the Meramec River and the railroad tracks alongside it. Over the years, It was abandoned, barely being used. it has gained reputation for being haunted, The zombie killer was a man who lived in a shack in the woods, and would attack young lovers who were looking for a place to be alone.

Mrs. McCullough, the wife of a local judge hit by a train and died, she is rumoured to be haunting the road

Morse Mill Hotel

This old hotel is a 1816 farmhouse, with former famous guests like Clara Bow, Jesse James, Al Capone, and Charles Lindbergh.

Also, Bertha Gifford, who lived and worked there at one point, was an infamous serial killer who poisoned children and adults with arsenic laced chocolates. There have been reportings of strange images caught on film, footsteps, voices, cold breezes, and apparitions through the years.

The Exorcist House

Pretty much everyone has heard of The Exorcist

The Exorcist was based on a real-life case that happened in St Louis.

The Exorcist is the story of a teenage boy who was living in Maryland and played with a Ouija board causing him to be possessed by a demon.

Some say that the house on Roanoke Drive where he stayed is still haunted.

Bone Hill Cemetery

“Bone Hill” got its name from an old American Indian buffalo hunting practice in which the tribe frightened the buffalo into stampeding off a cliff, resulting in many dead buffalo that were then harvested.

When piles of buffalo bones was found near this cemetery’s location, people believed it was the location of this type of buffalo hunt.

So the legend is, A rich family buried a bunch of gold somewhere near a stone fence on the cemetery grounds, planning to return and retrieve it after seven years had passed. However, they never returned.Visitors report seeing a blue light that hovers over a stone wall, believing it to be the spirits of that family protecting their precious gold & treasure.

Lander’s Theater

Built in 1909,In continuous operation since it opened despite a 1920 fire that nearly burned it to the ground, it has long been rumoured to be haunted by quite a few ghosts.

One of the ghostly residents is rumoured to be a janitor who had perished in the fire who has been seen on the balcony.

Another ghostly resident said to be a baby who was accidentally dropped from the balcony and died tragically

There were green orbs & black vortex have been seen in the theatre as well as a blonde lady seen by the windows in Elizabethan era outfits.

Pythian Castle

The Knights of Pythias — a fraternal organization dedicated to loyalty, honor and friendship — had the Castle built in 1913.

In those days,Knights were highly respected.

The Castle served dual roles for the order: a care, resting home for old knights, their widows and an orphanage for knights’ children.

The Other Hotels & Locations Said to Be haunted are

  • Port Cape Girardeau
  • Glenn House
  • Central Methodist University
  • New Madrid County Courthouse
  • Hotel Bothwell
  • Rose Bed Inn
  • Prosperity School B&B
  • Muehlebach Hotel
  • Hotel Savoy
  • The Lemp Mansion Inn
  • Walnut Street Inn,
  • Garden House Inn
  • Avenue Theater
  • The Dixie Theatre
  • Black Carriage, Overton
  • Stephens College
  • Central Methodist University
  • The detailed posts on these hotels will be on another day

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    Hope you enjoyed it xxx. 

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