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The Town That Vanished

The Town That Vanished  Urkhammer
The Town That Vanished  Urkhammer 

Urkammer is an alleged rural town in the state of Iowa in the US

In 1928 the town was left completely empty and abandoned

The story starts with a passer by tourist who stopped at a gas station to get gas for his car, he got angry after finding out that he had been ripped off and that there was no gasoline in there at all

He later deciding to return back to get his money back,but it has been reported that he could not reach it, no matter how fast he drove, it felt like it's taking forever to reach to Urkhammer

When someone offered this guy a help, this guy asks about Urkhammer and tells his experience and ofcourse they have not heard about the town and they gave him a look as if he's crazy

This guy convinced himself of the existence of Urkhammer that he later on admitted to an asylum

There were people who claimed Urkhammer exists and they live and work there

There's another story of a police officer finding Urkhammer police station, but when he knocked the Sheriff's door his hand passed through the door.  

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