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Abyzou is a female demon, genrally she's blamed for miscarriages and infant death, she kills infants and babies. Her motivation is said to be jealousy and envy of those women who was got kids and who can give birth as she's said to be infertile, she is said to have many many names in different cultures. 
She is pictured on amulets with fish- or serpent-like attributes. She takes her place in the compendium of demonology known as the Testament of Solomon, dated variously by scholars from as early as the 1st century AD to as late as the 4th. 
 It is said that her spirit vanders around and searching for pregnant women who are about to give birth, if she finds she strangles the baby if it is a new born, She also attacks virgins.
Abyzou feeds on her victims blood and milk, she can also be credited for causing of other conditons, such as infertility, causing eye issues, ear & throat infections, and as well as creating mental health issues. 
Abyzou also admits that she does not sleep and takes the life of at least one child each night.
If you are searching for the spiritual immortality., including vampirism, 
She can be summoned using the Sigil of Az-Jahi. Abyzou and similar female demons like Scarlet Woman ( Al Karisi ) to the story of the primeval sea, Abzu, in ancient Mesopotamian religion.. 
The primeval sea was originally an androgyne, but later on after diving into into the male Abzu and the female Tiamat appearing as the Tehom. Lilth and the other female demons are said to come from the primeval sea. 
 In ancient Greek religion, female sea monsters such as sirens, combined allure and deadlines. Abyzou was described as a demoness that appears with a greenish gleaming face and she looks like a bit of serpent 

She often appears in darkness with her lower part of her body invisible. 
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