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True-Magical Unicorns Oracle

True-Magical Unicorns
True-Magical Unicorns

Yes, What you're asking about is the truth! 
This card wants you to know that you're correct in what you are thinking about this situiation .
 You already know the truth, even if it's knowledge that's held deeply in your heart.
Take a moment and feel what your body says about this situation
True-Magical Unicorns
True-Magical Unicorns

Your body also knows the truth, and it will tell it to you, if you just stop and listen.  
You can also hear the truth from your angels. 
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and silently ask a question. 
Then listen to the words that come into your mind.
 Your angels always tell the truth.
 They use words and feelings of love and warmth, even if there telling you something that you don't want to hear (such as asking you to make a life change that you don't feel ready for). 
This card also ask you to tell the truth to yourself and others. 
As long as you speak like the angels do, and use loving words and actions, it's best to be truthful. 
If you afraid to tell the truth, ask Archangel Michael to give you the courage and protection. 
He'll also help you know exactly what to say and do so that everyone will benefit.
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Magical Unicorns

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