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Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas
Codex Gigas

Codex Gigas, known as ‘the Devil’s Bible,’ is the largest and most probably the strangest medieval manuscripts in the world. 
 There is a portrait drawing of devilin full page, fuels the rumors of it's being the Devil's Bible 
It is one of the best preserved manuscripts in the world. It's made with more than 160 animal skins. (whether 160 differnt animals or made with the skin of the same animal that's I am not sure about )
Some sources say he used 160 donkey skin

It needs two people to lift it, it's dimensions are 91cm height 50.5 cm wide 22.86 m thick and it's 74.8 kgs 
Well rumours and legend say that is made out of pact with Devil!!!! 
The legend also says the book was written in 24 hours.  
This thirteenth-century-old manuscript was written by a Benedictine monk in monastery of Podlažice in Bohemia today's Czech Republic..
 If you want to visit and see the book yourself it's now in National Library of Sweden in Stockholm. 
According to the legend it was written by a monk who breached his monastic code & sentected to be walled up with no chance of escpae. 

So the monk had promised to create beautful facinating book that'll glorify the monastry forever. 

His task was to create his book in 24 hours and if he did he'd be set free. 
He began writting with coloured ink on animal skins and artwork, well by midnight he was sure that he wouldn't be able to complete it and according to legend he sold his soul to the devil. 

The devil completed the manuscript and the monk added the devil's picture out of gratitude
Codex Gigas The Devil

Because of this little illustation the manuscript is called Devil's Bible.

Codex Gigas
Codex Gigas What Heaven Might look like

There's 5 pages long of confession of sins appearing in the Codex Gigas 


There is 12 month calendar as well. 


There were pages that are missing from the bible.

The image of devil is on pg 577

If you want to have a look at it 
You can browser it here Devil's Bible
Image sources : Codex Gigas
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