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Spirituality & Religon - Past Lives Oracle

Spirituality & Religon - Past Lives Oracle
Spirituality & Religon - Past Lives Oracle
Everyone's soul enjoys varied experiences and opportunities, so it's very common for us to explore a number of different religious and spiritual paths as we travel through lifetimes. 
While spiritual growth and knowledge accu mulate during all lifetimes, the specific spiri tual or religious path differs in each one. 

Spirituality & Religion
Spirituality & Religion

Perhaps the religion you were raised with doesn't coincide with your true beliefs.
 This acknowledgment may trigger guilt, fear, or shame, unless you're aware of the bigger picture. 
Your spiritual knowledge is housed within your soul, and you are an eternal being who is forever connected to Divine infinite wisdom. 
 This card asks you to explore alternative spiritual and religious paths. There you will find the inner peace and answers you seek. 
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