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Gentleness -Messages from The Mermaids

Gentleness -Messages from The Mermaids
Gentleness -Messages from The Mermaids


Be gentle towards yourself and others at this time. Being harsh or using brute strength won't benefit you.

There's great strength in gentleness. 
This merman says that looks can be deceptive and gentleness can be found in the most unlikely people and situations.

Gentleness -Messages from The Mermaids
Gentleness -Messages from The Mermaids
If in doubt, just look the heart of a person for this is the of true gentleness resides.

The merman holds his torch of truth so that it may illuminate the path of gentleness for you

This card is asking are you being gentle with yourself? It's easy to be critical and berate ourselves. Our internal dialogue is not always gentle, so this is something to be mindful of.

If you catch yourself being harsh, than forgive yourself and try softer internal narrative. You'll be suprised at the effect this can have on your general well being.

Someone around you is in need of gentlenes. Many people use a 'tough-love' approach in life. But this isn't beneficial for everyone, especially those who are of a more sensitive disposition.

Gentelness is the kev here. Think of the key here. Think of the wind blowing softly through the trees — it's powerful enough to move the leaves, demonstrating that there's a strength in gentleness

Sometimes we feel we need to be tough at certain situations in life. Yet, with gentleness comes flexibility and this means we bend but don't break this alone is pondering.

Is there a person who needs to treat you more gently? If so, speak your truth from your heart with kindness and clearly tell them how their hard approach makes you feel and the more gentle attitude would reap you greater feel, and rewards for everyone

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