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3 of Swords - Morgan Greer Tarot

3 of Sword - Morgan Greer Tarot
3 of Sword - Morgan Greer Tarot

A sign of sorrow, being unhappy, being in pain.

Heart breaks.

 3 of swords symbolizes all those... 

This is a transition period of time that you need to go through. 


Don't deny the pain, don't act like you've not been hurt, your heart is not in pain, don't act like life is bed of roses. 


You need to experience this pain unfortunately,

It's saddening but it's also an of a relationship , 

You need to talk and resolve things, communicate a bit more for you to save your relationship..

Unfortunately depression / anxiety is slowly taking over you, You need to keep the positive vibes on

Herb for 3 of Swords is Pleurisy Root 


It might be your work, whether you work from home or you do regular office work, might be the source of your stress.

You might be having a conflict at work with your bosses, clients, and colleagues, this might be causing you too much stress that, you might be considering leaving your job.

For now your job appears to be the greatest source of stress, frustration and sadness for you at the moment, and that's if you are working.

You might not have the best of luck if you are unemployed and looking for a new job.

Use this time to receover, and as a healing, recovery period, don't be disheartned by it.

It's not the time to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich, take one step at a time and use this time to plan what you want to do in regards of work in the future

3 od Swords is no good omen when it comes love either.

It represents, tears, heartbreaks, back stabbing, heartaches, conflicts and sorrow.

It doesn't mean it's a break up but will seriously damage it.

3 of Swords, indicates you need to address your problems & issues with your partner, if you want your relationship to survive.

Metaphorically speaking you need to sit down with your partner and open your cards on the table and respectfully listen to each other.

No bickering, arguing or irony no arguments, nasty comments or recriminations, these will only make the situation to worsen.

You may be going through a nasty divorce / seperation or break up or legal matters connected to these events, might be indicated to third parties.

You might be stil greiving for your lost love, and you might be missing that person.

The three of swords also associated with fear of loosing a partner, separation, cheat, jealousy, divorce, argument.

If you are still with your partner it might indicate there might be a break up in the future.

We need to accept and let the pain in to be able to move on. Our hearts will eventually heal. It will make us stronger.

If you are wondering about your health 3 of Swords is never the best card.

If you are having health issues, please don't waste time and book an appointment with your doctor.

Meanwhile you can try going out for a walk, eating more vegetables, cutting out salt & sugar (I am not saying cut it out completely) but minimise the usuage,

Try to have better sleeps, you need to it for your health.

Be more independent.

Spent time with people who show positivity and can appreciate and embrace your talents.

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