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Shock of The New -Sacred Rebels Oracle

Shock of The New -Sacred Rebels Oracle
Shock of The New -Sacred Rebels Oracle

What wild unconventional voice is calling to you?

Can you hear it?

It is so to decipher like hearing an unfamiliar language for the first time. 


It might be hard to discern with great clarity now but there is an affinity between you and this strangely beautiful newness seeking to manifest.

Oracle says there is a stirring at the deepest level within you.

Something new will break through and the process of this birth may be a shock to you.

The shock will transform into greatjoy and a sense of tremendous liberation, but you must bearthe strangeness first.

That strangeness might be something thatrattles your beliefs about yourself and your world, daring you to become more of yourself, more open to where life is leading you and more willing to be the unique sacred art being crafted by thehand of the universal creator.

Nature never shies away from strange beauty.

She allows forendless diversity and her sacred works are often peculiar andstunning.

You live within her field of creative grace, as a specially created work that also creates!

You are being asked to surrenderany fear you may have of being seen as exotic, unusual, eccentricor bizarre.

You are being asked to make peace with strangebeauty and to let it happen through you in creative flow.

Perhaps you need to allow your conventional icleas of beauty to becomeeven more inspired and open.

Perhaps you can allow your need for the world to behave according to your fixed ideas to fall away.

You will receive so much more in its place.This oracle comes with a special message for you.

There are rumblings and stirrings of the creative life force life happeningnow — deep in the undercurrents of your being.

If you are very attuned or sensitive, you may have consciously felt this already with excitement, discomfort or both.

If you have not yet sensedthese inner stirrings, they are happening all the same.

So be on the lookout for the big shift of new birth, the shock of the new,the unconventional, the strangely beautiful and the disturbing liberation of that which is foreign stepping into your life.

Tnis is life creating the stage upon which you will experience greater fulfilment.

Don't be nervous if the rumble of change turns into a mighty roar that rocks boats, bursts forth as novel ideas and changes things in a way that is out of your control.

This is life happening.

Free fall into it.

The oracle of The Shock of the New comes to yous aying, "The old way is on its way out."

You are being invited,dragged, nurtured and coerced into the new.

You can handle it!This oracle brings you guidance.

You are about to encounter something new and different in your life.

This is helpful!

Don'treject it, no matter how small or insignificant, or how powerfuland life-changing it may seem to be.

You are being asked to dispense with your reliance on the past and what have been your tools to navigate life.

You have outgrown your old methods.

You will have to fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak, as you experiment with new ways to be.

Life will show you the way.

If you can, allow yourself to feel as though you are becoming and gentle in your mind, heart and body.

Breathe easily, Relax.

Imagine the strangest and most beautiful creature can.

Bring it to life with colour and texture- Envisage the the body, the wings, the fur, the feathers how bizarre can you get?

What are its qualities, powers and characteristics?

Be playful lwith the process.

If you find it difficult to visualise, you may like to a description of your strange and beautiful creature ot simply imagine what it would feel like.

Does it have a soft fur. sharp feathery wings made of crackling, fizzng electrical currents sensitive furry antennae with deliecate eyes on the tips?

Or is ita strange flower that speaks?

A tree that grows upside down?Whatever comes to you is just what is needed.

Trust in yourimagination -- as subtle or as wild as it is - and let it speak to you.

After you have played with your imaginings for a few moments, complete your healing process with this declaration of intention.

Imagine or intend that you are sending it out into the far recesses of the universe:

"I am supported through the shock Ofthe new, I accept the beauty in all that is foreign or strange to me as I know it is bringing me new gifts, wisdom, life experiences andcreative inspiration.

"Through unconditional love, so be it."

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