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Stone People - Shamanic Medicine

Stone People - Shamanic Medicine
Stone People - Shamanic Medicine



A knowing will be revealed to you. Stone People are the record keepers of the planet and hold the knowledge you now require.

Connecting with these teachers stirs ancient, buried memories of honouring nature and shamanic ways. 


You know deep within that this is the truth of who you are. You have spent many nights staring at stars, feeling the magic of a wooded grove and hearing the whispers of the ancestors in the breeze.

Stone People - Shamanic Medicine
Stone People - Shamanic Medicine

Great Mystery surrounds stone circles.

The stones hold the secrets of all they have witnessed. 

There are many aspects of history that are still to be discovered. Stone People brings you back to your very roots.

Slow your mind to connect with this energy and the right stone will be put in your path. It might be a tiny pebble, a rock or a large boulder.

Hold the stone so that your past is revealed and unanswered questions can come to light.

Breathe in the knowledge that Stone People wishes to impart.

Be ready for that 'Aha' moment!

STONE PEOPLE REVEALED In Greek mythology, Deucalion and Pyrrha survived a great flood by throwing stones over their shoulders as they fled.

In doing so,they created a new race to repopulate the earth. When we look to the mountains, we are looking at 300 to 500 million years of history containing fossilized remains of animals, fish, shells and plants.

They are the oldest and wisest record keepers of this earth.

Be clear about your intentions.

Investigate thoroughly before proceeding.

Some information you require will be presented unexpectedly.

A return to study.

You know more than you realise .Be open to esoteric information.

Meditate at a sacred stone circle.

STONE PEOPLE SPEAKS Silently we've watched the past.

Memories saved within, to last.

Greet our faces in the rock.Ancient knowledge to unlock.

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