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Empathy - Rose Quartz- Astral Realms Oracle

Empathy - Rose Quartz

Unconditional love, intuitive knowledge, mutual respect

Everything is energy even our thoughts, and emotions cach onc carrying a specific vibrational frequency.

Being able to sense frequencies of others' thoughts and emotions is to experience empathy. 

When you're empathic you can understand another person's thoughts and emotions from their perspective, one that isn't your own.

Empathy allows you to be more compassionate and to approach a situation pro actively instead of re-actively .

It can foster a deeper understanding and mutual respect that may not have previously existed.

To exercise more empathv, take some pointers from the planet Venus.

Venus represents your values in life who you value and what you value.

When you can define your personal values you can quickly begin to understand that no two will be the same.

You have to acknowledge the fact everyone is inherently different and will place their values in what makes sense from their personal experiences.

Beginning to accept these differences and making space for not only your intellect' and emotional feelings but also those of others allows you to act empathically.

Rose Quartz is a stone with properties that enhance and enable emotional healing It invokes your compassion, universal love and your ability to love unconditionally, to calm in times of duress heartbreak and anxiety.

Rose quartz allows you to use your emotional intelligence to acknowledge not only your feelings but also to understand and empathize with the feelings of others.

Send everyone, globally, the gift of empathy. Sit upright with your feet planted on the door and with your eyes closed, take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling with a loud sigh to cleanse yourself of any tension or negativity you are harbouring.

Visualise sending compassion and emotional awareness to every person on a global scale by chanting three times, 'May you live with understanding and acceptance.

'I recognize that the thoughts and feelings of others are unique as my own.

I embrace and learn from the contrast.

Please don't forget that everyone is different, everyone experiences pain differently,
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