Unboxing & Flipthrough of Seasons of The Witch Mabon Oracle | All About Paranormal } -->

Unboxing & Flipthrough of Seasons of The Witch Mabon Oracle

Unboxing & Flipthrough of Seasons of The Witch Mabon Oracle
Seasons of The Witch Mabon Oracle

  Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox in the company of "Seasons of the Witch - Mabon" and express gratitude for the abundant gifts of Mother Earth, both in the tangible and spiritual realms. 
  Mabon, a time of reverence for our planet, embodies ideals of equilibrium, unity, and serenity. As the wheel of the year completes its cycle, Mabon presents an opportune moment for setting intentions, releasing pent-up tensions, and establishing fresh personal aspirations. This exquisitely crafted book and card deck set holds within it 44 cards, each a spiritual compass rooted in ancient Mabon traditions, offering profound insights to illuminate your deepest queries. 
   Distinguishing itself from its predecessors in the series, this deck communicates intuitive messages rather than traditional invocations. These messages offer a glimpse into the card's intrinsic meaning, rendering this oracle particularly accessible to those new to intuitive readings. These cards harmonize with your inner energy, serving as keys to unlock your innate wisdom with the assistance of potent spiritual forces. Complementing these thoughtful interpretations are potent word spells, enabling you to tap into the energy of each card and send forth your intentions of spiritual well-being into the cosmos.
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